URBAN SPACE is the first industrial play to earn crypto game in wax blockchain. The goal is toe build your city and become a real tycoon thru mining. This is your chance to create your own unique city in the metaverse.

URBAN SPACE game is part of a metaverse with other wax games such as WAR SPACE, ONLY SPACE, ESCAPE FROM ZEYA and ONLY ROCKETS. All of these games are owned by same company but each independently developed. Most are still in production, only WAR SPACE is already launched in public.


URBAN SPACE NFT Play to Earn Crypto Gameplay

To play the game, a player need at least 1 NFT to start mining resources. You can get the NFT via presale or via ATOMIC HUB. Since this is a wax game, a wax wallet is very much needed to play it. Go create a wax wallet if you don’t have it yet.

Each NFT card can either be EXCAVATOR, OIL DERRICK, ATOMIC INC or ROBOTICS. They vary in LEVEL and RARITY. The higher level and rarity, the more resources it can mine.

Excavator card can mine MINERALS resources only.
Oil Derrick card can mine OIL resources only.
Atomic Inc card can mine ENERGY resources only.
Robotics card can mine ELECTRONIC resources only.

To start mining, these NFT’s need to be placed in the mining slot and wait for harvest time. Take note that mining consumes OIL and ENERGY resources.


CRAFTING. Aside from buying NFT’s via marketplace, player can also craft new NFT’s via ingame crafting. You just need to pay the required resources to craft the item you need. You can get the resources you need via the ALCOR EXCHANGE and deposit for ingame use.

To craft level 1 Atomic Inc NFT, you need 5500 minerals, 6500 electronics and 150 energy.
To craft level 1 Excavator NFT, you need 5000 minerals and 500 energy.
To craft level 1 Robotics NFT, you need 6500 minerals and 500 energy.
To craft level 1 Oil Derrick, you need 2500 minerals, 3500 electronics and 900 energy.

BLEND/LEVEL UP SYSTEM. To increase level and get a chance to get higher rarity NFT card, player can blend or merge 3 NFT’s. For example, blending 3 common NFT will bring 20% chance to get a rare card of next level or 80% chance to get a common card of next level. Another example, blending 3 epic cards will get you an epic card with increase level.

Blending 5 NFT’s on the other hand, will give you a chance to have 2 cards of next level with chance of higher rarity. In case you are not happy with your NFT, you can also have the option of DISMANTLING it and get back the resources.



URBAN SPACE game have 4 types of ingame resources which can be mined and exchange to real currency. These are MINERALS, OIL, ENERGY and ELECTRONIC. They all act as ingame tokens. All these resources will be tradeable and most likely be traded in ALCOR EXCHANGE. Tokens will be listed and available for trading before the game launch.



As per the game roadmap, it is expected to launch this APRIL 2022 under PHASE 3. Open beta, NFT drops and token listing altogether at same month. More updates in coming months including mobile phones applications in both IOS and ANDROID to play the game. See below for more details.



The game is developed by a company named ONLYSPACE ONLINE GAMING SERVICES EST, which is based in Dubai UAE. Their office address is at Office 145 Floor 12, Al Thanyah 1 Street, Dubai UAR. CEO is a Russian named ALEKSEI KOSTAREV.


For more details about the game, visit URBAN SPACE website and join their discord for more updates and announcements about the game. As always, do your own research before investing your money.

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