UNLINKED is an upcoming play to earn RPG game in wax blockchain. It is an NFT based metaverse inspired from a science fiction. Imagine living in a world where technological and phyical connection suddenly breakdown, what would humanity do?



The game is set in the future, where people lived in solar system that is connected via teleportation system – the portals. Then, they were suddenly cut-off. Chaos follows afterwards. Mankind and survivors have to adapt and rebuild.

The goal of the game is to survive on this new world order. You need money and resources to survive.

During early stage of the game, player need to purchase a starter deck. These allows player to participate in missions, called contracts. Fulfilling this contracts will get you rewards which you can exchange in Alcor. A player needs 3 cards to start the game.

Rewards are based on 3 factors: the cards (with rarities), duration of the mission and level of player to complete the job (health status or energy level).

In phase 2, they target to release the metaverse where players can challenge other players via PVP.

Distributors are game NFT’s the produces grain and plasma daily. Their ability to produce is base on their rarity. See table below.



There are 2 ingame tokens: GRAIN and SHARPS. Both will be tradeable via ALCOR EXCHANGE. In order to play and perform the mission, a player needs to pay GRAIN or the supplies. Upon successful completion of the mission, the reward will be the SHARPS token.



The game is set to launch at 2nd quarter of 2022. No exact details yet as game is in full development mode.

For now, the game is in the pre-mining phase. You can get the distributors NFT via ATOMIC HUB and start accumulating ingame tokens: either grain or sharps.



The game is under MIRA PRODUCTIONS. They are a production company which is located in Rome Italy. They are engaged in various audiovisual and creative content. They have 2 partners: TACO and NODO42.

NODO42 is a startup company in Italy that deals with software development, 3D modelling and graphics design. Their flagship project is FARMING TALES, another game in wax blockchain.

TACO on the other hand is a blockchain game in wax. It integrate both gaming, DEFI and utility to create high quality game with strong ecosystem. It’s been around for all gamers and investors to experience.


To know more about the game, join their discord and visit their website UNLINKED

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