UNDER WORLD RACING is the newest upcoming play to earn game in wax blockchain. If you are a fan of motorcycle racing, this is a game you should check out. It comes with a twist.

In the year 3000, civilization in Planet Earth collapsed and become uninhabitable. All living creatures perished, except for RATS who remain underground safe from the toxic world above. They are the ultimate survivor who evolve, conquer and rule the new world. They mutated from human experimentation and developed knowledge.

There are 3 great rat clans: CYBORGS, BOURGEOIS and MUTANTS.

In order to survive, they learned to create a sustainable energy source using 3 minerals: neonite, xperite and omnite.

Neonites are abundant in the underworld. Xperites are abundant in caves deep underground. Omnites are abundant in the earths most toxic area.

The 3 clans battle for minerals. Many lives were lost and they have same devastation results in the process. The 3 clans then agreed to prohibit monopolizing the minerals and decided to work together to stop the destruction of their world.

Bourgeois will stay in KETER city to guard the Neonite.
Mutants will stay in GEVURE city and guard the Omnite.
Cyborgs will stay in BINA city and guard the Xperite.

With the current peace, they founded UNDER WORLD RACING with members from each faction. The goal is to collect, transport and distribute the 3 minerals in all the cities. Each racers will use their own MOTORCYCLES for transport.

Balance of power was born. The 3 clans live in harmony that lasts to this day.



At the start of the game, players need to choose what RACE they want to join. Each race have different motorcycles, tools and minerals that are only specific to them. Once you have the clan, you need motorcycle compatible to your clan, to start the game.
There are 3 game strategies:

TRADERS. Players can buy and sell game NFT’s and token for profit.

HOLDERS. Players can collect various game NFT’s, hold them for some time and sell when the price increases.

RACERS. Players joining the race (or farming) will get a chance to be reward with game tokens.

There are 3 types of RACE: Amateur, Freestyle and Illegal.

Amateur gives player 100% chance of winning, racing every hour. Freestyle will give you better rewards, but can have problems with the motorcycle. Illegal on the other hand have the best rewards, but can also make you lose your motorcycle. Only the bravest dare to join this type.


The game will introduce rest system to balance the tokens. In case any of the token is traded below the other 2, rest system will takes place and player of those races cannot get their rewards for 3 hours.

Here’s how the game economy will work:





Players must own at least 1 motorcycle NFT asset to play the game. There are 5 types of it base on rarities: common, rare, epic, legendary and mythical.

By playing the race, game rewards will be the token of the chosen clan. Though it consume the other 2 tokens per race.

Each motorcycle has fixed rewards, recharge time and resources consumed base on its rarities. It’s always the higher the better when it comes to play to earn games.

Maintenance is an essential part of the game. You need to pay $ENRG tokens for maintenance and fuel usage of the motorcycle, base on the kilometer distance in the race.


Each specie can have tools for game use. They give extra bonuses during the race like better winning chance, reduction of material consumption, shorten waiting time for races and other things. They are not finalized yet, keep posted in the game.


It’s one of the important asset in the game with lots of benefits. See below illustration for list of benefits.

There will be total 444 passes, 44 for giveaways and the rest sold to public and early roles.



Prior to game launch, there are 3 promote assets that were distributed. These are:

RAT COINS. This is the 1st promo drop in the collection. They don’t have use ingame, but you can exchange 3 of same race coin to an NFT chest with special rarity drop.

KEYS. Is another promo drop. Each player can use specific number of slots for motorcycles. If they want to add slot, they need the keys. More motorcycles use in the game, more rewards.

BABY RATS. They don’t have ingame use, just for cosmetics purposes only.


There are several chests NFT items in the game, either for promo or from the pack sale.

BRONZE PROMO CHEST. Having this item, you have a chance to get these: 25% Burgeois keys, 25% Cyborg keys, 25% Mutant keys and 25% energy token promo.

SILVER CHEST. Having this item, you have a chance to get these: Bourgeois baby rat, Mutant baby rat or Cyborg baby rat.

GOLDEN CHEST. Having this item, you have a chance to get Motorcycles with these odds: 50% common, 30% rare, 19% epic and 1% legendary.

REGULAR MOTORCYCLE CHEST. Having this item, you have a chance to get Motorcycles with these odds: 33% common, 30% rare, 29% epic and 8% legendary.

PREMIUM MOTORCYCLE CHEST. Having this item, you have a chance to get Motorycles with these odds: 25% common, 33% rare, 32% epic and 10% legendary.



There are 1 main token and 3 ingame tokens.

The 3 ingame tokens are:

NEONITE ($NNT) tokens are produced by BOURGEOIS specie.
XPERITE ($XPT) tokens are produced by CYBORGS specie.
OMNITE ($OMT) tokens are produced by MUTANTS specie.

ENERGY ($ENRG) is the main game token and will be listed in Alcor Exchange. This is also the game governance token which can be obtained by exchanging any of the 3 ingame tokens players accumulated in the game. There are total 1 billion $ENRG tokens.

See below for tokenomics.

Reward Pool – 68%
Liquidity – 19% (locked for 12 months)
Marketing – 2% (vesting for 18 months)
Airdrops – 0.98%
Team – 8% (vesting for 18 months)
Development – 2% (vesting for 18 months)
Pre-Sale – 0.02%



As of this writing, the game is already whitelisted in Atomic Hub marketplace. The game is set to launch this 3rd quarter, in early July. End of this month June, they will have their first motorcycle sale, token listings, beta testing and more partnerships for marketing.



The game is developed by LUKMA MEDIA, registered in LIMA PERU. The team is composed of 5 individuals with various experience in game development, blockchain technology and marketing.

CESAR GARCIA – Creation Director
ESTEBAN C – Full Stack Developer / Blockchain Developer
DAVID B – Marketing Manager
DAVID C – Chief Artist


To know more about the game, visit UNDER WORLD RACING website and join their social media accounts for updates.

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