With the rise of play to earn games, developers are also looking to increase their players platform and reach. Currently, majority of those games are only available and can be played only via PC browser. They are not designed for mobile devices at all. However, the good news is, there are few games that can also be played via android mobile devices. At initial stage and launch, most of these games have them on their roadmap to create a mobile version of the game. Unfortunately, a lot of them won’t be able to reach that part of the roadmap. Most will go bankrupt or halt the project and moved on. Here’s some of those successful mobile nft games available in the market.




The game is one of the longest running play to earn game. They a good and stable economy powering their virtual world. The game is basically about farming. Players can get various farming NFT’s like land, barn, animals, plants and similar items. You can be a farmer, trader and owner in the game. In farming, player need to plant crops, raise animals, fish and other things to earn rewards. In trading, you can buy and sell game resources in the marketplace. In ownership, you can buy buildings where other players can rent you for the building service you are offering. The game use $CBX token for rewards. It’s free to play to try the game. Use this link to JOIN CROPBYTES. To know more about the game, visit CROPBYTES website and download their android app.



The game was launch last year 2021 in binance network. To play the game, you need an NFT character called BINEMON. You will use them to go for adventure, breed, fight and earn game tokens called $DRK. Each of the characters are unique with combination of 10 different body parts and colors. You can get a binemon from a marketplace or buy an egg. When hatched, you will get random binemon with random rarity and body parts. Players also can fuse different binemons for a random character result of higher rarity. The game is mostly via PVP and PVE. To know more about the game, visit BINEMON website and download their android app.



The game is developed by GALA GAME, from one of the co-founders of ZYNGA, under ethereum blockchain. It is a competitive farming game like the hit Farmville. Players can various NFT’s which they can use in the game to complete tasks, challenges and earn rewards token $TOWNCOIN. The goal is to build the best town and compete with other players in daily challenges. Up to date, they already distributed more than $2M in cash prizes to top players. More than 700,000 towns are also developed by players, another testament of their success. To know more about the game, visit TOWNSTAR website and download their android app.



It is an anime metaverse developed in binance blockchain. They started last year and one of the best game available in the market. The game is accessible and can be played via android mobile phone. The game is set in a virtual place called KAWAII ISLANDS. Here, magical creatures and plants exists. Player plant crops, raise animals and take good care of them to collect their fruits and eggs. These items can then be converted into NFT materials like brick, glass, leather, wood, stone, ceramic, plastic and fabric. To get rewards, players need to fulfill orders that can be made out of these materials. Mostly home furnitures and other things that you can find inside the home. They made a recent upgrade on the game to prepare for the kawaii verse version of the game. Though some game mechanics are changed, basically the concept are still there. The game uses $MILKY and $KWT token. To know more about the game, visit KAWAII ISLANDS website and download their android app.



It is a strategy game base in Polygon network. The game is set in a kingdom where evil beings from underworld started to appear. The people then started to unite and send their elite warriors, FOREST KNIGHT to defeat the enemies. Play can start participating in the game by first building their team of knights. These are NFT’s that can be traded via game marketplace. Players can also equip each knights with unique and powerful weapons which are also NFT and can be traded. The goal is to command these knights to stop and defeat the evil forces. A successful mission will be rewarded with ingame token called $KNIGHT. To know more about the game, visit FOREST KNIGHT website and download their android app.



Is a metaverse play to earn project base in binance network. it is free to play and available in mobile phones. The goal of the game is to win the battle and be the last survivor. Players will then be rewarded with game tokens called $LSC and $LSG. To play, you need the NFT character fighter which you can get via marketplace. You can also equip them various weapons you can get to make them stronger. Players can do different battle setups such as duo battle, solo battle, squad battle and custom battle. To know more about the game, visit LAST SURVIVOR website and download their android app.



It is a strategy game with the goal of dominion in the whole kingdom. The game is under ethereum blockchain. To play the game, you need to have their NFT warriors to command. They also have land and dragon NFT’s you can get via marketplace. Land is the most expensive NFT item in the game as it gives passive income to the players, like a digital estate. Players can build their own army to defend their kingdom. They can also expand their territories and elect their leaders via blockchain voting. Game rewards players with ingame tokens such as $DST and $LOKA, the governance token. To know more about the game, visit LEAGUE OF KINGDOMS website and download their android app.



The game is a combination of RPG strategy game and match-three puzzle, boasted as the first of it’s kind. It is under binance blockchain and available to play via android phones. The gave have 3 concept: role playing, strategy and puzzle game, all in one. To start the game, players need to own NFT HEROES via marketplace. These heroes can be traded and rent out to earn rewards, aside from quest, PVP, tower conquest and clan event. Players can also participate in gatcha event for a chance to win rewards. Game rewards tokens $HES and $HER. To know more about the game, visit HERO VERSE website and download their android app.



The game is set in a virtual world called FARA LAND with war game genre. The game is under binance network. The goal is to fight the evil demon Lord Beelzebul. To start, player need to have NFT HERO or DEMI HERO via game marketplace. These can be in a form of human, orc, angel, dragon born, demon, elf and fairy. Each of these characters have unique body parts to increase their rarity. Heroes also have unique element that will be useful in the battle. These are wings, thunder, water, fire, grass, ice, normal and rock. Game rewards is $FARA token. To know more about the game, visit FARALAND website and download their android app.



It is a trading card game where you can battle and defeat enemies to earn rewards. Each card characters are NFT that can be traded via game marketplace. Card also varies in rarity from common to legendary. Level of the cards can also be upgraded by combining cards to create a new card with higher level. Players can participate PVP, campaigns and dungeon adventures. The game supports android mobile phone. To know more about the game, visit KINGDOM KARNAGE website and download their android app.



The game is the first ever mobile based blockchain game ever created in polygon blockchain. It is a combination of trading card game and arcade games. Players goal is to collect various NFT cards and combine them to make it stronger to better fight the enemies. The game is set in a fantasy virtual world of ASKIAN. Game modes are PVP raid and challenge mode. To know more about the game, visit SPELLS OF GENESIS website and download their android app.



Which of these games are you playing?

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