Reaping money from video games has always been the ultimate dream for hardcore and casual gamers. And with the rise of advanced technology, it is now entirely possible. The typical routes are streaming yourself playing it, becoming a professional video game athlete, and creating it.

The usual paths all required a demanding workload, but recently come crypto games, where one can earn massive funds by playing. There is no streaming, no tiring practice to be an esports athlete, and no dreadful creation of video games.

It does sound unparalleled, not until we present you the ultimate list of plays to earn crypto games that will set the simple, enjoyable idea to earn. Let’s get going with the discussion. Read along.


Firstly, let’s define Play to Earn Crypto Games

Play-to-earn crypto games are a class of video games that leverage cryptocurrency to buy digital items and unlock perks to revitalize gaming experiences. These games are all NFTs, meaning all the things you own in the game truly belong to you. The developers of the games you partake in do not have control over what you can do with them, alongside almost impossible for them to take your gaming assets away from you. As long as there’s an active economy handling it, then crypto games are here to exist. It entails having a lot of time trading and earning money simply by doing what you love, through playing. Let’s hop on the list already.

1. Axie Infinity – NFT Play to Earn Crypto Game

Axie Infinity is the most critical game developed on a blockchain in 2021. At its peak, the marketplace was making millions in sales every day, and Axis were selling for thousands of dollars apiece. Highly impressive.

The game fixates on breeding and collecting cute creations called Axis and using them to explore the World of Lunacia. Sky Movies, the team behind Axie Infinity, managed to amass a community of millions of players worldwide. The group focuses mainly on third-world countries that leverage the game to lift themselves out of poverty, as their investors buy teams for them and sponsor their battles.

Axie Infinity’s mega hit has paved the way for tremendous support and sponsorships from huge and respectable companies, such as Samsung and Ubisoft.

What makes Axie Infinity a good investment? Experts suggest that the utility that the taken has in powering the game is desirable. It has almost 3 million daily players from all over the world, and as these numbers continuously multiply, AXS coins could rise in value. It is a solid long-term performer.


2. Gods Unchained – NFT Play to Earn Crypto Game

Gods Unchained is a play-to-earn, collectible fantasy trading card game built-in on the Ethereum network. Unlike Axie Infinity which is not free to play, Gods Unchained requires no fee with lots of earning opportunities right from the start. What is remarkable is it is also easy to get started with.

In God’s Unchained, players have complete ownership of their digital items with complete freedom to trade, sell and use their cards in every way they like. It is ultimately the same as owning real and tangible cards.

What makes Gods Unchained an excellent investment? Some signs entail that Gods’ price will soar, since there is still optimism that its currency will attract more growing attention.


3. Thetan Arena – NFT Play to Earn Crypto Game

Next on the list is Thetan Arena, a multiplayer online battle arena game which we can sell almost everyone playing and enjoying immensely. The game utilizes NFTs to give players complete ownership over game characters and many exceptional items. It features a free-to-play option without NFTs.

Although the earning potential recently plummeted, the team behind it is working to stabilize the game’s economy by introducing exciting features and updating the tokenomics. Further, in the future, Thetan Arena is eyeing to introduce cosmetics, hero staking, pets alongside the hero fusing system. Moreover, supporters can also expect guild wars, guild stores, integrated tournaments, and seasonal content. Amazing!

What makes Thetan Arena a good investment? The latest game data entails that Thetan Arena shows the powerful potential this year and could be a good opportunity for players to dig right into it and invest.


4. Splinterlands – NFT Play to Earn Crypto Game

Splinterlands is a play-to-earn trading card game that began on the Steem blockchain as Steel Monsters. Over time, the project changed its name and switched to using the Hive blockchain. It features cross-chain functionality, where cards and tokens can also be traded on the Ethereum blockchain and Wax.

The game is a cross between a deck-building game and an auto battler. Players here use their cards to make a combat lineup based on the rules of the match. Then, once both sides submit their teams, the cards battle it out until only one remain. It has an in-game market that allows buying, selling, and even leasing cards.

What makes Splinterlands a good investment? Aside from being an overall, consistently great game, it is also unfailing to prove itself as a solid investment. As we move to 2022, the game is poised to hit more and more key milestones.


5. Pegaxy – NFT Play to Earn Crypto Game

Pegaxy is a Player v Player (PVP) horse racing game that offers multiple ways to be involved in the game and its ecosystem. It presents a straightforward game model for anyone wanting to start to play to earn a gaming world.

Each race has 12 horses running, with the top 3 horses receiving the prizes in the games in reward token VIS. Currently, all race positions are decided through a number channel generator. Still, it is eyeing to change with upcoming version 2 as the developers would consider changing environment or stadium conditions, which are linked to each horse’s attributes, the food given to the animals, alongside the clothing gear applied.

What makes Pegaxy a good investment? Several market experts believe in Pegaxy being a foreseeable long-term investment as its price seems to increase in pace with its present price growth. It will undoubtedly yield a good return. Besides, PGX is a well-established cryptocurrency that has performed well up to this point.



And there, you have the best play to earn crypto games. These are fun, easy, exciting ways to monetize gaming the easy way. Of course, we can only tell limited about these games, we encourage further research for you to be much more aware in-depth of all things they offer, but we’re confident that they all are outstanding crypto games.

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