WAX blockchain is one of the leading blockchain platform for play to earn game developers. WAX stands for Worldwide Asset eXchange and it is designed to make transactions easier, safer and faster. In players perspective, playing wax game is a better choice compare to other games in other network. WAX games marketplace, ATOMIC HUB, is very strict to new games with layers of KYC and requirements before they can whitelist them in the platform. This added extra protection for gamers against rug pulling and scam projects.

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TOP 10 Biggest Play to Earn Game in WAX in 2022 (as of this writing)


ALIEN WORLDS 684.25K users

It’s a play to earn game where players have to craft game NFT’s to use ingame using various resources available. In return they get rewarded with $TLM (TRILLIUM) token which can be traded in Alcor Exchange.


FARMERS WORLD 156.16K users

Farming type play to earn game. It has been the top game in Atomic Hub for several months during its peak period. The game uses several tokens like food, wood and gold. Players have lots of game activities where they can earn game tokens as rewards.



The game is full of adventure where players own WOMBATS as their main character. These wombats are send to do dungeons and various quests to earn loots and rewards.



The game is about raising dragons for battle with goblins. To start the game, you can buy a dragon egg in the market place or buy a dragon. You can evolve your dragon to become stronger and more powerful to fight the goblin invasion. You’ll get rewards for every successful battle.


TOKEN LANDS 18.87K users

The game is about military battle for supremacy with other continents in TOKEN LANDS. At start, player needs to join any of the 5 competing continents. There are several unique game NFT’s that play can have to play the game. The goal is to create a WAR FACTORY NFT card that they can use to wage war against enemies. The game users T-COIN as rewards for players.


PROSPECTORS 18.53K users

It is a strategy game to mine precious resources – gold. The goal is to mine gold to build the world. Prospects is set in 19th century during the gold rush. It’s an exciting game for players to mine gold in the game and a promise to become rich.


R-PLANET 13.38K users

It is a military style strategy game set in R PLANT. The advanced animals living there are being threatened by alien invasion. It is up to them now to rise and fight the invaders. The goal is to build a base, have an army, fight and win the battle. Those who develop superweapons have a clear advantage in the game.


GOLDMAND 7.77K users

It is a metaverse where players have to explore space to mine resources. At start, players have to choose which species they want and what planet they will mine. There are game NFT cards that players need to have to start mining resources such as food, crystal and energy.


TACO 7.29K users

The game is like running a restaurant. Player need to fulfill the orders using the ingredients and serve it to earn SHING tokens which can be converted to TACO as rewards.


CRYPTO FARMS 5.21K users

The game is about crypto mining using PC parts as game NFT. In return, players are rewarded with ingame resources ethereum, bitcoin and power. These are game tokens that can be traded in to real money via Alcor Exchange.



This post is inspired by the tweet of HC Capital on their twitter account.

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