THE SANDBOX is a play to earn game in ETHEREUM blockchain. The goal is for players to create their virtual world where they can build, own and monetize ingame assets to earn real currency using SAND token. It is currently one of the best and longest running play to earn game in the market with around 40 million players.

In the game, players can create their unique NFT’s that they can sell in marketplace for income. There is a SANDBOX GAME MAKER feature in the game where players can create real gaming experience. The goal is to disrupt existing games like MINECRAFT and ROBLOX, both are very successful games in the market.



The game revolves around BUILD, OWN and MONETIZE strategy.

The game ecosystem have 3 integrated products for content production. These are VOXEL EDITOR, MARKETPLACE and GAME MAKER.


VOXEL EDITOR It is a 3D voxel modelling application that allow players to create and animate objects like characters, animals, tools, etc and bring them to the sandbox game as NFT assets. The application runs under philosophy of create, animate and play. It gives the player a very smooth and easy experience to be involve in game development.

MARKETPLACE It allows players to buy and sell their asset creations they made via Voxel Editor for profit. Assets are displayed and can be arranged by various informations like name and genre, description, thumbnail picture, price and value (such as rarity, scarcity and other attributes). These helps to make the listing more efficient and easy for players to navigate.

GAME MAKER This allows the players to use the game assets that they created using Voxel Editor to place and use it in the game. To do this, players can place this asset in their LAND. Players can use game assets as decoration for a full game experience.



While playing the game, these are some important experiences:



The game allows players to create, decorate and design their own place base on their preferences and theme. By doing these, ingame friends with similar preferences can interact with players to promote bonding.


The game allows players to show their creativity by building and crafting game items. They have all the control and means to do everything they want for the game.


The game offers various quests and adventures for players. There are series of mysteries to solve, mercenaries to defeat and quests to help the exiled prince. There are also hidden secrets of the ancient temple. Each land can be explored for new adventures with potential to earn game rewards in the form of SAND tokens. Endless explorations and adventures awaits in all players.



The game utilizes blockchain technology to create virtual world for both players and creators. All game assets created and use ingame are NFT’s that can be traded for ingame use and profit. These items are unique and secured with true digital ownership for all players.

LANDS are important NFT asset in the Sandbox Metaverse. By having land, you own a portion in the virtual world where you can host and create games. It’s like a digital real estate where players can have passive income in the game. Each LANDS are unique with pre built terrain randomly. They are organized in a map with a size of 480×480. Players can own multiple lands to create a virtual estates. Maps are marked with specified coordinates.

AVATARS are game characters representation of players. The body parts can be modified by equipping various ingame assets like helmet, arms, torso or legs. Avatars move in the game via default animations like walking, jumping, running or fighting.



The uses the token SAND, an ERC20 type. It is the main utility token in the game. There are a total 360 million token supply. At initial seed sale, the price is around $0.0036 where 17.18% of tokens were allocated. During the token sale, total 4% were allocated at $0.0050 price.

As of today, current SAND token price is at $2.72 with total $3.147 billion market cap. The token is now ranked #43 in all tokens base on CoinGecko listing.

SAND token use is base on these 5 aspect of the game:

1. PURCHASE. Players need the token to play the game and buy initial equipments like characters and game asset like land.
2. TRADE. In the game marketplace, everyone will use SAND token in buying and selling NFT items.
3. PLAY. As game rewards, players will receive SAND tokens.
4. STAKING. The game have staking features to allow players earn passive income. The rewards can be used to create new ASSET for the game.
5. GOVERNANCE. The token also act as governance token in the game. As holders, players can participate in decision making with voting rights to decide the future of the game. This is important to sustain the game for the long term.

Game economy revolves around SAND token. It provides liquidity for both players and investors. The price is always market driven and players usually dictates it base on how much they are willing to trade it, as base on real world economy.



The SANDBOX franchise IOS version was launched in MAY 2012. The following year FEB 2013, android version was launched.

JUNE 2016, they released the SANDBOX EVOLUTION in 3 platforms: IOS, Android and Steam.

In 2020, they launched VOXEDIT, land presales and GAME MAKER beta release. Marketplace and SAND token listing also happened on same year. Public beta took place at last quarter of 2020.

The game is already LIVE, everyone can join and experience the game. They are continously updating it to make it better. Various updates and improvements are also on the roadmap.

The Sandbox just ended the SEASON 2. The next season for the game is coming soon, no details yet.



The team is comprised of around 42 dedicated people with more than 70 years of combined experience. They are in 3 office locations in Argentina, France, South Korea and Japan. As of today, they already have completed 11 games.

Here’s the management staff in the company:

Arthur Madrid – CEO & Co-Founder
Sebastien Borget – COO & Co-Founder
Pablo Iglesias – Inventor of The Sandbox Game
Lucas Shewsbury – CTO, ex CTO of Gameloft
Marcelo Santurio – CFO

The team also secured partnerships with more than 50 brands, game studios, investors and companies. These includes big crypto games like Axie Infinity, Crypto Wards, Matic, Ember Sword, Shaun the Sheep, ATARI, Square Enix and a lot more. Complete list can be found on their one pager presentation.


To know more about the game, visit THE SANDBOX website for more information.

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