TAUNT BATTLEWORLD is the first ever engage to earn model in NFT games in the market. It’s an exciting game where you own and manage NFT warriors to be come champions in the BattleWorld. Player’s goals are to acquire, develop and test individual warriors against enemies in the arena to win.

The game is set in far future where humanity and civilization grew beyond earth. They also discovered the presence of beings called OLD GODS. In turn, the OLD GODS emerge and directed their followers to descend upon earth, to shatter and to claim it, and transform it into the BATTLEWORLD.

Humans struggle to resist the invasion. The OLD GODS held tournaments to battle their warriors from earth warriors, in a battle for life and death. The goals is to eradicate all human beings.

Most of the population perished. Only few warriors survived. The only way is to fight and win the battle. Some seek for survival, some seek for glory. Whoever wins, new world dominance is at stake.



There are 5 races in the game: WHITE HAIRS, SCALES, SQUIDS, UNDEATH and HUMANS.

WHITE HAIRS They were once humans who left earth and inhabited distant planets. They evolved in to something else.

SCALES Lizard like creature, they are considered as the oldest race. They are great deceivers and betrayers. Thru their history, they rise and fall, conquering many worlds within their reach.

SQUIDS They are one of the most powerful race, using their mind as weapons: trickery, obfuscation and strategy. They are rumoured to have been created by the OLD GOD EXALA from a squid like race.

UNDEATH They are parasitic creature residing in bodies of dead and in turn, making them alive. It is said they follow the OLD GOD NEKRO. The parasite connects to the brain, rewiring them and completely control the host dead bodies.

HUMANS The youngest among the race, they are the last hope for earth. They are so arrogant venturing stars to colonize, but in return angers the OLD GOD’s. Now they will feel their wrath.

To join the game, player need to have game NFT, ACOLYTE WARRIOR. They are expert in martial arts, combat and are champions. Initially, Acolyte Warrior NFT can be minted via game website, during a ceremony called Blood Money Ceremonies. They can be purchased via game marketplace upon launch. Player scan train and develop them to be a better warrior.

There are total 25,000 Genesis Acolyte Warriors to be ever created, at 5,000 each races with random rarity.

There are 5 rarity tiers: common, rare, epic, legendary and mythic. Each minted warriors will receive random attribute values. These includes punching ability, kicking ability, toughness, power, resistance and aggression.

At alpha release, these attributes are hidden and up to the players to guess which warriors have better odds of winning battle.

Warriors are also assigned in any of the 6 classes: puncher, kicker, mover, defender, ranger and wrestler.



There are 3 ways to enjoy the game:


Players can send their NFT warriors into the tournament for a chance to win prizes or in-game items.


By watching the game brawls, players can also win prizes.


By predicting who will win the match, you can compete with other players. If lucky, you can win game NFT items.



The goal is to test the game and balance the economy, prioritize security, bug test and feedback and suggestion. It will run for 3 months.

During Alpha release, there will be tournaments where the prize is up to $100,000. They top 8 warriors will be rewarded base on their rankings. There will be 64 warriors in 6 stages of the tournament.

BLOOD TEMPLE is the place where players can see profile and warrior’s standing.



It provides players to choose skills for their warriors in the battleworld. There are 5 of them: mind, spirit, energy, body and death.

They act like rock scissor and paper where each runes counter the others. The effect on the warrior can either buff or debuff to the opposing warrior.




The game minted around 2,500 of these NFT’s. They are considered as the founders pass and will forever have uses in the game ecosystem. They have various benefits like free 1 random genesis warrior and early access to game.


They are the main NFT in the game. Without it, you cannot participate in the game.



There are no token listed in the game whitepaper. Game rewards are via NFT, game items and in-game currency.

Not much details yet, keep posted in the website.



As per game roadmap, the version 1 of the game will be launch this 2nd quarter of 2022 with 3 months testing cycle. Prior to game, they will also release the in-game currency and warrior minting. On 3rd quarter, they plan to launch the version 2 of the game.



During this period, the game will offer these features:

– Watch to Earn
– Predict to Earn
– Tournaments
– Quickening
– Enlightening
– New Game NFT’s
– Arena Ownership
– Questing
– Seasonal Rewards
– Marketplace
– Governance
– Asset Lending

Do follow the game roadmap for more updates.



TURNT GAMING is the registered company behind the game. These are the management staff listed in their website.

JEFF L. – Founder & CEO

He’s a veteran with more than 15 years of experience in gaming and e-sports. He founded an e-sports program in Amazon, led EStars/ESP Gaming as President, led advertising at PopCap Games, led marketing at DoubleDown Casino and worked in account management in Xbox Live.

SABA G. – Founder & Head of Partnerships

He’s a tech executive with more than 10 years of experience in various fields like IT, Cryptocurrency and E-Sports.

LYNN D. – Chief Technology Officer

He’s a blockchain entrepreneur with more than 20 years of post university experience in developing and delivering software applications in various industries like mobile, gaming, AI and blockchain.

NICHOLAS P. – Head of Marketing

He started his career building Kanvas Labs, which was acquired by AOL in 2015. He’s an investor and marketing leader in technology space. His past clients includes Sony Music, Universal Music Group, Cameo, Warner Music Group, Verizon, Future and more.

TIM L. – VP of Data

He leads all data related work in Turnt Gaming, closely working with the team from game design and tokenomics.

ANNA K. – Director of Design

She is a 3D and motion graphics designer with more 6 years of experience in the industry. She started her shift to NFT graphics way back in 2020 and embrace the gaming world.



To know more about the game, visit TAUNT BATTLEWORLD website and join their social media for updates.

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