TALES OF ANGELS is an upcoming click to earn game in binance network. It is a strategy based game where players can have fun playing and earn crypto tokens as rewards.

Tales of Angels Click to Earn Game

In this virtual world, the God seek help from the Angels to keep the peace from the attacks made by evil spirits and demons. They joined forces to prevent further destruction and to safe guard their mythical objects.

In the year 700 BC, Zeus rule the Olympus together with other Gods like Artemis, Ares and Poseidon. The world is in peace until the arrival of another God, Hades with troops of evil warriors and spirits. They are after the mythical objects being kept in Olympus. It is said that this object will grant enormous power to whoever will yield it.

War between good and evil started.


Game NFT’s

To play the game, the player will assume the role of a God to defeat enemies. They are the rulers of the world and against the demons. This game NFT will allow players to do various game modes. They are classified in rarities such as common, rare, epic and legendary.

COMMON Gods are also known as demigods, half human and half god. They can be male or female in 4 different game elements of fire, water, wind and thunder.

RARE Gods are also know as Insanity Gods. They have the power but still below the higher Gods they obey. They are Aton (fire), Hamori (wind), Benzai (thunder) and Magni (water).

EPIC Gods are powerful, but short of legendary powers. They are the Might Gods that rule the earth. They are Chronos (water), Hermes (thunder), Ares (fire) and Athena (wind).

LEGENDARY Gods are the most powerful, they rule sky and earth. They possess the mythical items and responsible for it’s safety against the demons. They are the strongest God with no equal power. They are Zeus (thunder), Artemis (wind), Hades (fire) and Poseidon (water).

The goal in the game is to defeat demons that are after the mythical objects. There few of them in the game, namely:

Mammon, demon of greed.
Asmodeus, demon of lust.
Leviathan, demon of envy.
Beelzebub, demon of gluttony,
Lucifer, demon of wrath.
Belphegor, demon of sloth.
And another suprise demon on the last dungeon adventure.

Elements are useful in the game battle as they counter each other. AIR counters, THUNDER. THUNDER counters WATER. WATER counters FIRE. Lastly, FIRE counters AIR.

Players have to go adventure or dungeon modes to defeat the enemies. Once successful, rewards will be given such as $ANGT tokens and game items.

Game also have crafting option to get mythical items. Items obtained from adventure or dungeons will be used to craft either divine items or demonic items.

There is also PVP option to fight other players Gods to get game rewards.

Do check their WHITEPAPER for complete details.



The main game token is called $ANGT. It is a BEP-20 token and the main game currency. It will be used for rewards, staking, upgrading fees, crafting cost and marketplace currency. You can trade it via PancakeSwap once it is listed and live for trading.

There is a total of 50 million tokens to be minted. 50% of those will be allocated for game rewards to players.



As per the roadmap in their whitepaper, official game launch is at first quarter of this year. However, the launch was delayed and further pushed on 2nd quarter instead. There are other tasks that needs to happen prior to launch like public sale, token sale, token listing and marketing. Once these are done, they will launch the game.



There is no details about the team on the website. They are not doxxed like many other binance games in the market. Always do your own research and invest extra money only.


To know more about the game, visit TALES OF ANGELS website.

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