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TACO is a versatile NFT and FT blockchain-based project with a mission to provide bridge-building access to advantageous blockchain projects. It is currently the ultimate Web3 wrapper on WAX, with Utility, Gaming and DeFi. Taco it’s currently a Top 10 project on WAX and a Top 30 game across all blockchains for daily users.

Taco has currently two tokens. TACO and SHING.

The main currency of the Taco project is the TACO Token, which can be obtained in many ways, such as the Market, Liquidity Pools, and from NFTs. It can be used to buy NFTs and unlock Taco Tools in the app.

SHING, on the other hand, is the main currency of the TACO universe. You can earn the tokens via Free to Play, Play to Earn Brigade, Market, Liquidity Pools and from NFTs. It is used in almost all aspect of the game.


There are few ways to join the TACO universe gaming platform.

  • Owning extractors (miners)
  • Owning venues (lands)
  • Playing brigade
  • 3rd Party game TACO racers
  • Save tokens and earn with the gamified exchange, the Taco Swap (Defi)


With these features, TACO is providing the community with stable and fun ecosystem on WAX blockchain. Their tokens will have multiple use casesacross Utility, Gaming and DeFi.


TACO’s long term vision is to be a WEB3 project to lead the tech companies in the future.



taco swap

TACO Swap is the first DEX on the WAX Blockchain which allows users to trade in a safe and fun space. You can access the site on this link https://swap.tacocrypto.io


With Taco Swap, all users can:

  • Pay Fees in TACO to get the best swap fees on WAX (down to 0,15%)
  • Stake TACO to earn tokens in the SALSA pools (6 pools active)
  • Provide Liqudity and earn tokens thanks to MEAL rewards (31 rewards active)

With Taco Swap, all projects can:

  • Create SALSA pools to advertise themselves and get extra rewards for their pools
  • Add MEAL rewards to their tokens Liquidity Pools and incentivize users providing liquidity in exchange for rewards
  • Book Advertising banners throughout all TACO platforms: App, Swap and Web


💡 Currently, TACO SWAP is in Beta stage with only 0.2% swap promotional fee.


Swap (Lowest Fees)

taco swap low fees


Currently, TACO Swap has the lowest trading fees in the wax blockchain. By paying fees in TACO, you can reduce trading fees and increase your staking level. The standard fee is now at 0.3% but you can reduce that to at least 0.15% by paying in TACO and increasing your staking level.

💡 Taco VIP holders automatically reach the highest staking Level. You can get TACO VIP NFT here.


S.A.L.S.A. Pools (Stake TACO & Earn)

salsa pools


Users can stake TACO and get other tokens as staking rewards. By doing these, users earn rewards and increase their staking level which leads to lesser fees.


💡 Projects create S.A.L.S.A. pools for promotion: top 3 project of the week get extra rewards!


Rewards are pre-funded and distributed every day at 9:00 UTC in the Swap My Account section.

Check SALSA link here


M.E.A.L. Rewards (Provide Liquidity & Earn)

meal rewards


M.E.A.L. rewards pools are paired token pools which give one or more tokens as rewards.

M.E.A.L. rewards incentivize Liquidity Providers by rewarding them with daily prizes based on their Liquidity Pool shares. These bonuses are on top of the 0.1% reward that liquidity providers receive from every swap!


💡 Projects create M.E.A.L. rewards for stabilizing tokens, giving it DeFi purposes. And also for promotion.


Rewards are pre-funded and distributed every day at 9:00 UTC in the Swap My Account section.

Check MEAL link here


Project’s Dashboard (Advertising)

Projects can set their S.A.L.S.A and M.E.A.L. rewards directly from their Account Section.

They are also able to book advertising banners throughout all the Taco Platforms: Utility App, Swap and Web. Taco is currently a Top 10 project on WAX and Top 30 game on all blockchains for daily users.


TACO Swap Mission

Their goal is to bring DeFi to everyone with a gamified swap that allows users to get familiar with liquidity systems, discover new projects, earn, and save a lot of tokens!

They also want to be a force for good in the WAX ecosystem and actively participate in the growth of WAX itself:

💡 Taco Swap is the first DEX to offer 2% of WAX fee to the tokenomics (DeFi distribution) as marketplaces already do. We believe it’s important to give and not just take from the ecosystem that has enabled us to create all of this – Taco Team



For community and support, join TACO discord group here.

Useful links here SWAP  SALSA  MEAL

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