SYNERGY LAND is a multiplayer ARPG game in development by Synergy Games to be played in Solana network. It is a game set in a fantasy world divided into four ecosystems base in four elements: air, fire, water and ice.



The player have to take role for their heroes. Adventure includes exploring dungeons and killing powerful monsters. The game is inspired by a popular game Diablo and Path of Exile. Developer hopes to combine these 2 game for the Synergy Land game experience.

Each characters and items are NFTs which can be traded via marketplace.

The play to earn model rewards players for every adventure. They can customize their characters with their set of spells, feats and various abilities to suits the personality. They can explore the Synergy island and battle with different enemies to get rewards. There are also game puzzles to unlock for extra rewards.

In future, players can also own private island and build their own crafting stations for powerful NFT’s.



There are 2 tokens for the game: $SNG and $ACN. SNG token will be the governance token that players use to claim rewards. It will also be required in marketplace purchases.

ACN token on the other hand is the reward currency in game. Player can earn it during adventure, battling and dungeon quest. Buying resources in marketplace needs ACN token.

Both seed sale and private sale are already done. Schedule for public sale is still not finalized.



Game is set to have alpha release this first quarter of 2022, followed by beta on the 2nd quarter. No specific date announced yet.



Carlos Bolanos is the current CEO with 15 years of experience.
Oscar Soler is the Creatie Director with 16 years of experience.
Janine Murie is the Lead Programmer with 10 years of experience.
Marian Alvarez is the Marketing Director with 5 years of experience.
Victoria Madurga is the Sr 3D Artists.
Tatiana Pirogovsky is the Concept and Illustrator Artist.
Alex Bolanos is the Technical Artist.
Ricardco Hortiguela is the Concept and Illustrait Artist.
Beatriz Arevalo is the 3D Artist.
Mario Antonanzas is the Senior Animator.
Veronica Rubio is the 3D Artist.


For more information about the game, visit SYNERGY LAND WEBSITE

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