SUNFLOWER LAND is the latest farming game in Polygon. Farmers can plant sunflower and own the NFT in polygon blockchain. Players can farm, chop, mine, craft and many more to build their respective farms.

The game is aiming to build a metaverse that players can build a community that reflects the real economic supply and demand.



The goal is for the player to explore the land, collect resources and craft new items. All game items are NFT and can be traded via marketplace to earn crypto rewards.
To craft new items, players need to plant, harvest, chop, mine, fish and collect all the necessary ingredients that are needed to craft specific game items.

Sunflower Land is a replacement of the previously retired game, Sunflower Farmers.

To start the game, players need to have their metamask account connected in Polygon blockchain. Small amount of $MATIC token is also needed as all transactions will be paid using this token as gas fees. At least $1 is needed

Once you have these requirements, you will have a farm in the game for a start.

FARMING is the main activity in the game. It is the best way to earn $SFL token. Crops harvested can be sold in shop or use in crafting items. Here are crops you can farm in Sunflower Land:

Sunflower – 1 minute to grow
Potato – 5 minutes to grow
Pumpkin – 30 minutes to grow
Carrot – 1 hour to grow
Cabbage – 2 hours to grow
Beetroot – 4 hours to grow
Cauliflower – 8 hours to grow
Parsnip – 12 hours to grow
Radish – 24 hours to grow
Wheat – 1 day to grow
Kale – 7 days to grow

UPGRADING the farm is also possible. By doing so, you can unlock new fields and seeds you can plant on the farm. To upgrade, players need to collect different crops for kitchen recipes and $SFL tokens.

These delicious kitchen recipes will be used to feed the goblins to upgrade and unlock new fields and crops.

Here’s some of the game recipes:

Pumpkin Soup – $SFL tokens and 5 pumpkins – Unlocks 5 fields, carrot seed and cabbage seed
Sauerkraut – $SFL tokens and 10 cabbages – Unlocks 6 fields, beetroot seed and cauliflower seed
Roast Cauliflower – $SFL tokens and 30 cauliflowers – Unlocks 6 fields, parsnip seed and radish seed
Radish Pie – $SFL tokens and 60 radishes – Unlocks wheat seed

MINTING of items can be done in the game by visiting any of these: blacksmith, tailor and barn. Once you select CRAFT, metamask notification about the transaction will pop up. Crafting new items need $SFL tokens and necessary in-game resources.



Sunflower Land timeline is based on seasons which offers new items to collect.

SEASON 1 is focus on farming and game resources collection. Gathering items and crafting is also possible here.

BOOSTS are items that can be minted to provide upgrade and increase in yield in farming. There are several of them and each offers specific upgrade in the game. For example, a NANCY scarecrow offers 15% faster growth in crop. There are 50,000 of them available and it costs 10 $SFL, 100 wheat and 50 wood to craft.

DECORATIONS are game items to increase farming skills. They don’t have boost functionality yet and not much use in the game aside from decoration.

FLAGS are game items mainly for decoration use only. It can be crafted using $SFL tokens and some resources.

SEASON 2 is focus on getting more resources in preparation for war. Not much details about it as it is still work in progress.



TOOLS can be crafted in blacksmith. The game offers several tools to help in farming.

Axe – 1 $SFL – Chops 1 tree
Wood Pickaxe – 1 $SFL and 2 wood – Mines 1 stone rock
Stone Pickaxe – 2 $SFL, 3 wood and 3 stone – Mines 1 iron rock
Iron Pickaxe – 5 $SFL, 5 wood and 3 iron – Mines 1 gold rock
Fishing Rod – 5 $SFL and 5 wood – Fishes 3 times
Hammer – 5 $SFL, 5 wood and 5 stone – Upgrades a building

TREES All farm by default has 5 trees planted. Each of these trees have below characteristics:

– Produces between 3 to 5 wood
– Requires 1 axe to chop
– Takes 2 hours to grow

STONE, IRON and GOLD By default during beta stage, each farm will have 3 stones, 2 iron rocks and 1 gold rock. Rest of the supplies can be minted using resources:

Stone – requires 1 wood pickaxe – gets 2 to 4 stones – 4 hours minting
Iron – requires 1 stone pickaxe – gets 2 to 3 iron – 12 hours minting
Gold – requires 1 iron pickaxe – gets 1 to 2 gold – 24 hours minting

FARM ANIMALS can be raised to earn game tokens.

Chicken – costs 5 $SFL – requires 1 wheat to feed – produces 1 egg
Cow – costs 50 $SFL – requires 1 wheat to feed – produces 1 milk and 10 steaks
Pig – costs 10 $SFL – requires 1 wheat to feed – produces 1 manure
Sheep – costs 20 $SFL – requires 1 wheat to feed – produces 1 wool

FISHIN and HONEY will also be part of the game in future updates. For now, it’s not available in beta.



Sunflower Land Token (SLT) is the game token. When crops are harvested in the game, the players can sell them for SLT token. However, the game will follow supply and demand approach. When the supply is less than 100K farmers, the price will be $0.02 for a sunflower. When the supply is more than 100K less 500K, the sunflower price will be $0.01. This is to ensure the price stability.

Below are the planned supply and demand token price:

Less than 100K – $0.02
Less than 500K – $0.01
Less than 1M – $0.004
Less than 5M – $0.002
Less than 10M – $0.001
Less than 20M – $0.0005
Less than 30M – $0.00025
Less than 40M – $0.000125
Less than 50M – $0.0000625
Half will be slashed on the price for every 10M hereafter.

The token is not tradeable yet and will be ready by May 9, 2022.



Beta farming for the game has already started. However, it’s only limited to 100K sunflower farmers and new beta testers are currently on hold. There are no details yet on public launch.

Aside from current sunflower farming, there are lots of features that are still in progress. This includes the secondary marketplace listings of the game NFT’s, fishing features, farm animals, honey bees and war mode. Land expansion is also in the roadmap.



The company behind SUNFLOWER LAND is THOUGHT FARM PTY LTD. As per google, the company is base in Australia. Here are the top executives of the company as listed on their whitepaper.

Adam Hannigan – CEO, Game Designer and Solution Architect
Spencer Dezart-Smith – Software Engineer and UX Specialist
Romulu Furtado – Software Engineer
Steve Woody – Partner, PR and Community Specialist
Brandon Collins – Advisor, Community Relations and Support




To know more about the game, check SUNFLOWER LAND website for more details.

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