COVID 19 pandemic brought a lot businesses worldwide to it’s knees. With more people working from home and students attending online classes, many started to find extra income they can make online. During this pandemic period, we also witnessed the rise of crypto and play to earn games. Mostly brought by the success of AXIE INFINITY and the lure of making money while at home.

According to GRITDAILY article, the blockchain gaming industry went from zero market value to $3 billion market value in 2021. By 2025, it is expected to grow up to $40 billion. More and more people are joining the new fad.

There are several blockchain platforms developer can use to create such play to earn crypto games. Widely popular networks includes ethereum, binance smart chain, wax, solana and many more.


Solana blockchain is one of the rising network preferred for play to earn crypto and NFT games. The blockchain was created last 2017 by Anatoly Yakovenko together with the COO Raj Gokal. It is an open source public blockchain the supports various smart contracts for easy use in NFT and decentralized applications.

Up to date, there are many SOLANA blockchain games and NFT’s available in the market.




The game takes you to a virtual world across the space with game NFT’s such as planets, galaxies and space ships. It is play to earn crypto games in solana blockhain. Players goal is to buy, earn and craft spaceships so they can send to the galaxies. In return, they will earn the ingame token, SPACE FALCON, which can be traded in several exchanges. For more information, visit SPACE FALCON website.



It is a strategy based game thru space exploration. The game is play to earn, with NFT’s that can be traded ingame. The main blockchain strategy in the game are MINING and STAKING. Players are encouraged to expand their empire and conquer the galaxy to mine and earn resources. They can create their own ship and pilot them to the unknown. As with other P2E games, players earn virtual crypto tokens called $ATLAS, which they can exchange to real world money. To know more about the game, visit STAR ATLAS website.



The game is built in Solana blockchain with play to earn feature. In the game, players can collect cats called NYANS together with a guardian robots. Both are NFT’s that can be traded ingame. The game is an action shooter style type of game. In rewards, players can get the governance token $NYN (nyan) and $CTNP (catnip) tokens. PVP, PVE, Guild Mode and RPG mode are some of the game play modes. To know more about the game, visit NYAN HEROES website.



Fantasy based play to earn crypto game in Solana blockchain. The game has adorable NFT chicks characters that are collectibles and can be used ingame. SOLCHICKS are blockchain battle chickens in the planet called CHICCO. They live harmoniously until the villains SOLFOX threat their existence. The great battle started since then. Plaeyrs can earn via weekly leaderboard rankings, playing the game, breeding chicks and PVP. They are rewarded with $CHICKS or $SLC (shards of love) token. To know more about the game, visit SOLCHICKS website.



It is a play to earn game in solana blockchain. Chimp Fight NFT’s are customizeable to reflect players artistic touch and style. The chimps battle thru the Chimp Fight Combat System. Players can choose to fight in the arena with various team combination they can select. At start, chimp is born with basic sets of traits and characters. From there, they can be customize, tweak and level up. Each chimp has these 4 traits: art traits, combat traits, social traits and equipment traits. All these traits are important during the combat game. Players can earn ingame token called $NANA. To know more about the game, visit CHIMP FIGHT website.



If you are a fan of classic retro game, check this play to earn game in solana blockchain. It is an RPG game with character designs in 8-bit. Players must have a knight to participate in the game. The story started in VELA KINGDOM when an incident called THE SCOURGE started. The whole kingdom was cursed and people were turned to undead and finally become insane. For those few who are sane, they become the DEAD KNIGHT whose goal is to annihilate the enemies. The game have a lot of collectible NFT’s with various rarity. They use oracle system to maintain and balance the economy. Players are rewarded with DKM tokens. To know more about the game, visit DEAD KNIGHT website.



It is a play to earn game in Solana blockchain. It is free to play, however, buying game NFT’s is not. DEFILAND’s goal is to be an online place where you can gather all your existing NFT’s and bringing them to life. To make this happen, the game will partner with various NFT projects to have their NFT’s in DEFILAND. From there, players can interact with their NFT’s, do quest and accomplish missions. Players will be rewarded with $GOLD or $DFL token, their main governance token. To know more about the game, visit DEFILAND website.



It is the first short game play to earn based in Solana blockchain developed by Kokeshi Academy Nerd 148 Studios. The game have 10,000 unique SOLAJUMPER characters that can be minted via their website. Players can then join the tournament for a chance to earn the game token $NUT coin. To know more about the game, visit SOLAJUMP website.



It is a GameFi play to earn in metaverse ecosystem developed by AAA Game Studio. It is aimed at luring mobile based solana blockchain gaming. The game is RPG style bringing players the best experience in P2E. The first game they release is called OUTLAND ODYSSEY. It is an RPG game where players quest to hunt, train and capture game creatures called ZEDS. More games are on the pipeline to create the metaverse. Project Seed has 2 game tokens: $SHILL and $O2. To know more about the game, visit PROJECT SEED website.



It is a play to earn RPG style game based in Solana blockchain. It is dubbed as the first move to earn mobile RPG game what gives players incentives for exercising body, mind and spirit. To start the game, player needs a GENOPET NFT. These NFT’s can be customized via physical movement in playing the game. By doing this, GENOPET evolve and increase in rarity and value. In battle arena, players can challenge their friends for battle. Rewards is in $KI token. To know more about the game, visit GENOPETS website.



So, which of these games are you playing? Share your thoughts via comment 🙂

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