SIEGE OF MYTRA is an upcoming game in wax blockchain that will be available in both iOS and Android platform. It is a classical game featuring castles, heroes and combat like the medieval years. It is free to play the game, but if you want to earn game token rewards, you need to purchase game NFT’s for farming. It is a unique game where you play and craft to earn. Each players character can evolve to being a landlord in the medieval castle virtual world.


To start the game, you need a wax wallet. If you don’t have, the game integrates easy wax account registration to give new players hassle free wax experience.

The goal of the game is to improve you castle, upgrade your military force, battle with other landlord, increase yong token farming and earn more game token.

Once you register and enter the game, you will receive a free castle (not NFT) with troops to defend it. On this way, players can try the game without paying any fee.

If you buy an NFT castle, either from pack sale or market, you will have the chance to farm for game token $DOBLON. You can also add few characters in your castle like HERO, MERCENARY and MAGIC items to help you defend your castle.


You can either attack other castles and they can attack your castles as well. The goal is to defend your castle from enemy attacks by increasing and upgrading your castle and get more troops. On the other hand, when you attack, make sure your attacking force is strong enough to defeat enemy forces to loot their castle.

Once battle is finish, a battle report will be displayed to review wins and losses. As a reward, you will get $DOBLON token. If you lose, you might lose your tokens as well.

There are certain battle rules to be followed to make the game fair to everyone. Such as:

  • Each attack can use maximum 16 units only
  • Only 1 HERO is allowed
  • Only 3 MERCENARIES are allowed
  • Only max 21% bonus can be received with the MIDAS ability


These are great abilities that mercenaries can acquire. They can use them during battle to turn tides. Some of these are listed below:

Moral – Increase n attack attribute on allied troops, mercenaries and hero.
Fear – Decrease n attack attribute on enemies troops, mercenaries and hero.
Blast – Each time a die roll gets 8, the allied hero attacks the enemy in engagement.
Double Strike – In attack, make x2 attack against defenders.
Fortify – In defense, make x2 attack against attackers
Death Pact – Instantly kills the target, but can’t attack in the next turn.
Flight – Avoid the first attack from the enemy.
Midas – Increase $DOBLON reward per 3% per each Midas point in case of victory.




There are few game NFT’s you can have in the game. Each will give you more rewards and better odds in winning the battle.


As mentioned, you will receive free non NFT castle upon game registration. But this is for free players only. You can also purchase NFT castle via game marketplace.

Castle is the most important NFT in the game. This is where you will build your kingdom and attack other players for battle. As you upgrade your castle using game tokens, it can support higher tier troops with higher power. Remember, the more troops and higher troops you have, the better odds of winning.

Once castle is upgrade to next level, the old castle will be burned. The new castle with higher level can now support higher troops and more $DOBLON rewards they can get. Castles come in 3 levels.

Players will have castle plots on the game dashboard. Players can add multiple castles with no limit. Each plot can be opened with $DOBLON fee. More castles mean more chance to get more game rewards.

siege of mytra castles

siege of mytra castles


They are expensive but powerful and rare allies you can have on the battle field. They work alone and you can only have maximum 3 in your castle, whether defence or attack.

They use special power to make their attacks. There are 7 mercenaries in the game, which comes in 2 versions, REGULAR and GOLDEN. The latter one is more powerful than the other.

  • Wizard
  • Specter
  • Gryphon
  • Pegasus
  • Dragon
  • Demon
  • War Machine

siege of mytra golden mercenaries


These are the elite warrior that will lead your armies in both attack and defence of the castle. They are highly trained in all aspects of combat, magic, resilience and leadership.

Each castle can only have 1 HERO. There are 2 types, REGULAR and GOLDEN heroes.

siege of mytra heroes


These are rare items that HEROES can use as weapons. They are rare and very powerful when use in battle.

Each HERO can be equipped with a maximum unique magic items that they can use. There are 14 magic items, each with varying attributes and power. You need to assign them to your HERO wisely to get the best battle result.

  • Spprigan’s Bow
  • Firesword
  • Frozen Axe
  • Spark Sword
  • Spear of the Chosens
  • Sceptre of Arthicus
  • Staff of Void
  • Staff of Light
  • Crimson Banner
  • Horn of Ages
  • Crown of Nature
  • Orb of Anduriel
  • Ring of Power



$DOBLON is the game currency. This is what players are getting and paying for all the game activities. It has a lot of users in the game as below:

Purchase of castle
Game farming rewards
Battle fees
Paying troop salaries
Marketplace ingame currency for buying and selling
Staking rewards

There will be 1 billion maximum supply of $DOBLON token. The token will be allocated as below:

  • Private Sale (10%) 100,000,000 with over 50 weeks of vesting (2% per week).
  • IDO (30) 300,000,000 upon game launch.
  • Partnerships (25) 20,000,000 with over 50 weeks of vesting (2% per week).
  • Team (8%) 80,000,000 locked in 24 months.
  • Reward Pool (50%) 500,000,000 upon game launch.



The game is expected to be release this 3rd quarter of the year, around September. They are already whitelisted in Atomic Hub, waiting for Nefty Blocks. The NFT presale is on-going till launch date. They also plan to release the game in iOS and Android platform for better user experience.

For the, the game is focusing on giveaways, promotions, AMA and making game trailers.

BOOSTER PACKS are currently on sale in both NEFTY BLOCKS and ATOMIC HUB. Check it out




The game is developed by a Spanish video game studio ONIKAMI GAMES. They listed their address as below:

C/ San Sebastian 60
CIF B9038943B
(Marchena) – Seville, SPAIN

Here’s the list of their team members as listed on their whitepaper.



He has a vast experience in direction and coordination of project like software development. He is passionate and involve in all game design and marketing campaigns in the company.


He is a developer with more than 30 years of experience in his career. He worked in various jobs in his past careers which includes programmer, analyst, team leader, database administrator and instructor in a University.


He is a passionate in photagraphy and graphic design with more than 13 years of experience. He have worked in various projects like movie posters for different countries like US, Spain, Japan & South Korean and music group in Norway.



To know more about the game, visit SIEGE OF MYTRA website and don’t forget to join their DISCORD group for more updates.

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