SHARKRACE is another upcoming play to earn game in BSC blockchain. The game NFT’s rarity can be upgraded and fully customizable, making the game more fun and artistic for users.



To play the game, you need to buy the NFT SUPER PACK worth $300. It automatically unpacks and will give you the collectible NFT sharks the next day.

You will get below items and perks from the pack:

1 x Premium NFT Art, a collectible NFT shark that will give you access to rarity upgrade
3 x Gaming Sharks, this is use to play the game
1 x Mystery Box, it contains game artifacts, a gift card or a booster
* Privileges for club membership, staking preferences and voting rights
* Lifelong Airdrop, 2% from the sales of rarity and game platforms will be distributed, 1000 winners per quarter
* Cashback in SHRK tokens

There are basically 20,001 exclusive NFT arts in SHARKRACE metaverse, all uniquely created by high profile artists and designers from big brands. They have exquisite 3D graphics and in 4K resolution. These are premium quality NFT’s made just for the game.

NFT minting is already LIVE, you can get your NFT pack now via their website.



They have the first Rarity Upgrade option in P2E NFT. You can customize your shark and practice your artistic talent while playing the game. Each player can express their talent and create better looking shark with rare traits and animations. Try them first in the game fitting room before you implement the upgrade.

It is also a game contest with $100,000 prize fund for the lucky winner. You can purchase outfits via ingame shop using SHRK tokens.



There are 2 basic game modes in the game: SHARK RACE and SHARK BATTLE.

SharkRace is a 3D metaverse where sharks compete against each other for Shark Bank and gaming artifacts. They have to use their intelligent and skills to win the race. It is already available for testing.

SharkBattle on the other hand is a 2D multiplayer game. You can invite your friends, place bets and grab the bank. It will be available in June 2022.



SHARKRACE comes with a builtin marketplace for users to buy and sell gaming NFT’s. These includes the gaming NFT sharks, the collectible NFT sharks, premium accessories, gaming artifacts, extra skills, lives and game boosters. All transactions are via SHRK game tokens.



SHARKCOIN (SHRK) is the game utility token. It will be used in the marketplace, NFT initial purchase, rarity upgrades, ingame transactions and staking options.

IDO listing is scheduled at May 14 to 17, 2022. Afterwards, it will be listed publicly in PancakeSwap on the 18th of May.

The token is in BSC blockchain with a total supply of 1 billion. Initial price is at $0.02 with market cap of $339,012.

Prior to public launch, the token will be distributed at discounted rate in seed round (1.565% at $0.01), private (5.025% at $0.012), strategic (6.098% at $0.014) and strategic marketing round (1% at $0.014). These discounted tokens will have vesting schedule to follow up to 15 months.

Rest of the tokens will be allocated as follows:
Public Round – 4.35%
Liquidity – 5%
Giveaway – 0.095%
Reward for NFT Buyers – 1%
P2E In-Game Liquidity – 30%
Marketing – 20%
Advisors – 5.867%
Core Team – 20%



As per the game roadmap, beta testing is already in progress from April to May. This will be followed by a multiplayer P2E on July and single player P2E this August. Scholarship features will be available by August to September of this year.

IDO is schedule this May, followed by staking on same month. More features and updates can be found on the game website.



JSC “SharkRace” is a company registered in Lithuania (305956133). Their office address is at Vilnius, Eisisky Sody 18-oji. g 11.

Alexander Epin – Sharkboss
Jane Baranova – Interoceanic Shark
Kirill Elkin – Bunch Leader

While the office is registered in Lithuania, most of the boss are Russian base on their LinkedIn profiles.

To know more about the game, visit SHARKRACE website.

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