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SEAFARMERS is an upcoming play to earn game base in wax network. The revolves around mining and fishing in-game resources using various tools and locations.



To play the game, you need at least 1 of the tool: pickaxe, fishing rod and magnet. You can use maximum 3 tools, one for each token. Each of these tool mine specific resources in the game, every 5 hours. These tools rarity varies from common, uncommon, rare, legendary and mythical. The higher the rarity, the higher yield it can bring.

Aside from the tools, there’s also optional characters called fisherman. There are 7 of them in the game. If you have any of it, it gives you unique modifier for the boost of certain parameter in the game. The first type is LITTLE FISHERMAN that give bonus access to all 7 locations with no cost to player.

There are also 7 locations in the game where you can do mining and fishing. Each of these locations have various yield effect on the production. At the start of the game, only 3 of these locations will be accessible. The next 3 locations will give you x2 multiplier of your yield. The last location, on the other hand gives x4 production power.

During each adventure, you will get a chance to get fragments that can be used to improve your current equipment performance. You need to collect them and use when needed. Also, your equipment might suffer damage during adventure. Thus, you need tokens to repair them.

Presale and equipment drops are already over. To get a tool for the game, you can buy in ATOMIC HUB.



There are 3 main tokens in the game: FSFT (fish sea farmers token), MSFT (minerals sea farmers token) and TSFT (treasure sea farmers token).

Each tool you use in the game produces specific tokens that can be used in repairing the equipment durability, upgrading, buying other NFT’s and opening new locations. These tokens can be bought and sold via ALCOR exchange.



The game is scheduled to have full launch this March. As of now, it’s open for beta testers. They are trying to make the game less bugs as possible to have the best game experience while playing. As per DISCORD announcement, they will open the game in public at any time once everything is OK.



The game is currently whitelisted in Atomic Hub. On their website, they listed their office address in Russia with their CEO Alexander Panchuk.


To know more about them, join their social media groups and visit the SEAFARMERS WEBSITE.

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