Ahoy! SAILORS WORLD is the upcoming game in wax blockchain. The game is play to earn, rewarding players with ingame tokens and various NFT’s. Players compete to build ships, mine resources, explore seas vast oceans. Build your fleet and battle with other players is also the main feature.



To play the game, you need at least one ship NFT. You can also start with a marine territory or an oil rig NFT asset in the game.

With ships, you can explore and collect rewards via trawling and expeditions. Oil rigs produces fuel which is used by ships in expeditions and trawling. Maritime territories on the other hand gives players passive income from the extraction of DUB or WRECK tokens from the territory.


Trawling is the process of extracting DUB and WRECK tokens. Player choose which area to trawl base on their ships ability to venture, the higher rarity the higher the ship can go. Resources extraction also varies depending on the ship power and territory chosen.

Expedition is another way to extract DUB and WRECK tokens, plus a chance to get some NFT’s. Players need a ship to start expedition, better odds for higher rarity ships.

Crafting gives players opportunity to create new NFT, using the 2 ingame tokens. No details yet as to how much it needs to craft.

Fuel production is done via oil rigs. Oil rigs can be obtained via chests or crafting. Fuel is used by all ships in every transactions. It is tradeable via ALCOR EXCHANGE.

Owning a maritime territory is very limited and can be obtained only via the territory chest sale. Each has unique coordinates in the game. Owner receives commission every time other players trawl in that area. It could be a DUB or WRECK tokens, depending on what the owner set.

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There are 3 ingame tokens: FUEL, DUB and WRECK. DUB is used for repairing ships and oil rigs, crafting new ships and unlocking ship slots. WRECK is used to craft new ships and oil rigs. Fuel on the other hand, is used by ship every time it will do any transactions or quest. Only the FUEL token is tradeable via ALCOR EXCHANGE. The other 2 are just ingame tokens.



As of this day, they have schedule few pre sales this month till next month. Application for BETA testing is also ongoing, schedule for next month.

Base on the roadmap, game launch can be end of March or early April.



Base on their website, the game is under TLINSTUNS LIMITED with office address in United Kingdom. Their office address is in London.

The director of the company is Kudriavtseva Olga while the CTO is Robert Hammersmith.


To know more about the game, visit SAILORS WORLD website. Do join their DISCORD group also for more updates and progress of the game.

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