SAAR NETWORK is another upcoming wax play to earn game this 2nd quarter of this year. The game is about 4 YETI races in the cave of Armada. They are all scattered in the Ice Continent, thriving and doing their daily lives.


The 4 YETI races are:

Snow White Hedger who lives in the west, enriched with water and various animals.
Brow Bedger occupied the south, a place where mainly a forested area.
Blue Seers on the other hand, originated in the east. The place is abundant with minerals and metals.
Green Gops lives in the north, which is also rich in metals and minerals.



To play the game, you need at least 1 NFT YETI and some SRE and SRM tokens for energy and durability. No presale of this item yet, but you can buy them via Atomic Hub once sale starts.

The main task in the game is MINING and CRAFTING. You can earn tokens by doing this, which you can exchange in Alcor.

For mining, you will send your YETI to do the task and after an hour, it will mine resources. By doing this, you will spend some energy and durability that needs to be repaired. Each YETI can mine specific type of minerals ingame.

Crafting on the other hand will give you chance to create more YETI.

All your YETI are living in a village. To increase capacity, you need to upgrade the buildings or cabins. The more YETI you have, the more miner and minerals you can have.

Like in real life, the village can also encounter SNOWSTORM event where your mining will be affected and resources mined might be reduced.



There are four primary resources in SAAR: SRE, SRM, SRW and SRS. All these tokens will be tradeable in ALCOR EXCHANGE.

SRE (SaaR Energy Token) is used to restore the energy supply of one or more YETI in the game.

SRM (SaaR Millirium Token) is used to restore the durability of the instruments one or more YETI in the game.

SRW (SaaR Wood Token) is used for the construction and improvement of cabins, the creation of YETI workers and repairing tools in game.

SRS coin will allow players to automate extraction process, expand storage and gain access to voting in project development. Aside from alcor exchange, this token can also be obtained via staking amulets.



The game is target to launch Q2 of this year 2022. They are already whitelisted in Atomic Hub and focusing on game development for now. On their discord, they are giving promo drops to the players who own the amulet and with whitelist pass. You can check Atomic Hub for their current NFT’s. Presale is not scheduled yet, stay tune on their website.



The game is develop by MILLIRIUM LABS LTD with office address in Liverpool England as stated on their website.

To know more about the game, visit SAAR WEBSITE.

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