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RADA QUEST is the latest play to earn wax game launched recently. It is not just a game, but a fantasy universe where players can gather resources, trade card games, and fight with other players.

The game includes the creation of a real-time strategy game via NFT cards and also the creation of RPG-type games in Rada Quest’s main story. It will revolve around players fighting other players via quests using their NFT cards and boost system.



To play the game, you need either WAX or ANCHOR wallet.

Each player will have a role of a RENEGADE in a faraway kingdom of RADA. It is a harsh place divided into factions and clans, fighting each other for dominance and survival.

Players will get free buildings: farm, sawmill, and quarry. From here, they can farm resources such as food, wood and stone.


NFT cards are divided into 2 factions: LIGHT and SHADOW.

rada quest factions

This will be useful during quests and battle features of the game. Players can mix cards but they will get bonus points if their cards are in same faction.


Players will have the option to create clan or join other clans using a RADA LAND card. The card also have faction and with various rarities.

There will be no limit in clan members. Some of the clan member benefits are:

  • Advanced building construction
  • Getting upgrades and artifacts for the buildings
  • Bonus on the production of buildings
  • Participate in clan events
  • Benefits of clan rewards

Being a clan member, you need to abide by some rules and obligations. There is a fee to join a clan depending on the player’s production. Leaving a clan also may affect your building production.


As mentioned above, this will enable owners to create and organize a clan of their own.


These are the free buildings that players get upon registration. More buildings will be added as the game progresses. They generate resources that can be used to upgrade the buildings. They are not transferrable though resources can be traded as fungible tokens. Future buildings will generate artifacts and consumables.


Same with a building system, in the future system of skills and technologies, will be developed. These include the possibility of constructing other types of building to get other resources, the possibility of improving skills by spending other resources, and other passive benefits to the player.


There are various game resources. Most will be used in the construction and upgrade of buildings and boosting cards.

game resources


Wood/Food/Stone are used for building construction and upgrades. They are also used for boosting cards and can be transformed into other resources.
Red Potion or Strength Potion will increase card attack level.
Blue Potion or Mana Potion will increase card defense level.
Yellow Potion or Loot Potion will increase card loot level.
Purple Potion or Experience Potion will increase card experience.
Green Potion or  Skill Potion will increase the cards’ special skills.
Soul Crystal allows players to increase card attributes and buy other game items.


NFT cards are in their basic and level 1 version. They can be boosted using various ingredients using game resources. By boosting, each card will be able to reach its maximum potential. 2 identical cards are needed to merge them into the extended version of the card.


Each card has POWER number and its the main attribute multiplier. It’s displayed on top left corner of the card. It is fixed regardless of card level.

Aside from POWER, cards also has other attributes as shown below. You can view this if you click your NFT card in your inventory.

card level system


Cards also have a point multiplier for each level. Card’s attributes depend on the combination of POWER, points per level, and the acquired level.


Quests will randomly appear as the game progresses. These will allow players to compete with other players in ranking for prizes.


This is a battle between players, either they ATTACK or they DEFEND. Winners will be rewarded with Soul Crystal tokens and other game rewards. Winners will also loot losers Soul Crystal tokens. If the attacking player uses the fight, they might lose their troops as well.


In the game tavern, players can play minigames. To participate, you need to pay CREDITS token. In return, players will be randomly rewarded with various game items.

DAILY AIRDROPS by Game Art Collection

Snapshots will be taken daily to calculate players’ luck multiplier and total rewards for collecting Rada Game Art NFTs. 70K Soul Crystals will be added to the rewards jackpot. 15% of the crystals collected in the game will be added to the rewards jackpot.


** The game is still in the early development stage. Some functions and features may not be operational.



Upon game registration, you will receive free buildings:  FARM, SAWMILL, and QUARRY. They are used to farm wood, food, and stone. These buildings are not tradeable and can only be used in the game.

rada quest buildings


On the game launch last Aug 6, they sold the “Honor and Glory” booster which contains 10 random NFT cards. The packs are still available in-game shop for $8 in wax. Each NFT card has random rarities from common, rare, ultrarare, and legendary.

All cards are in the base version. You can merge 2 same cards to get an extended version of the card for better and stronger attributes.

rada quest nft cards


For now, you can BOOST, RECYCLE, and EVOLVE those cards. You can use them from Stage 3 onwards of the game for PVE, PVP, and QUEST.

Currently, there are more than 50 NFT character cards in the game with specific rarities. You can view the full list HERE.


I got hold of a few game packs which I unpack on these videos. Check it below.



The main game token is $TARUK. It is already listed on Alcor Exchange. It has 2 purposes: in-game purchases and financing the project.

Currently, the in-game shop is accepting wax payments. Perhaps in future updates, they will change it to $TARUK.

From the 3 game buildings (farm, sawmill, and quarry), players can collect 3 in-game tokens: food, stone, and wood. For now, these tokens are only used for upgrading those buildings to improve their yield.

game inventory rada quest


There are also other game tokens like CREDITS, SOUL CRYSTAL, MANA, POWER, SKILL, EXP, and LOOT. All of them are listed and tradeable on Alcor Exchange. For now, they are not used in the game other than accumulating. They will be used from Stage 3 onwards.

rada quest tokens




The game is already LIVE, launched last Aug 6. You can access and play the game here PLAY RADA QUEST.

As per the game roadmap, they are currently in STAGE 2 of their development. This is where they will have their first “Honor and Glory” pack sale, available in Nefty, Atomic Hub, and the game shop. Players can also build the basic building, card boosting, and merging system on their NFTs.

See below for the next stages of the game development.

rada quest roadmap



The game is developed by DUNGEON KEEPER STUDIOS LTD. The company is owned by MARCOS PRIETO (Dungeon Keeper). He’s been in business management for the last 20 years. See below for the list of their staff as posted on their website.


MARCOS DK – Owner, Developer, Writer, and CG Artist
ALEJANDRO DIEZ – Game Developer
YOLANDA – Graphic Artist
CRISTALLA – Community Manager

game developer



To know more about the game, visit RADA QUEST website and join their discord group for updates.

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