Pirates of the Arrland is the upcoming play to earn game in ethereum blockchain. It is an arcade style game with few adventures and strategic game play for users to enjoy. The game offers various quests and adventure to earn hidden NFT treasures and token rewards. Players can enjoy being a pirate in this virtual world where NFT and 3D high quality video game is combined.


Pirates of the Arrland Gameplay and NFT’s

Pirate NFT character is needed to play the game. There are 10,000 of them generated randomly with over 300 traits. They are the genesis collection for men pirates. They also plan to create 10,000 women pirates. While waiting for the game, holders of pirates NFT holds $RUM tokens as rewards.

Male and female pirates can also breed new young pirates with the use of $RUM token. This will be the new generation pirates in the game.

Pirates traits varies upon their appearance and cosmetics. Each of these give the pirates a boost in certain abilities like accuracy, wisdom, etc.

Adventure mode will be available upon the launch of the game. Players can send their pirates on the adventure for game rewards.

Each players will have their own small private island with a small lot for building or plantation for game use. They build it, players need resources and $RUM tokens.

There are few NFT game resources such as coconut, shovel, plank, ropes and palm tree. Sample buildings are sawmill, shipyard and ship.

To create a palm tree, you need to use coconut and shovel.
To create a trunk, you need to have a palm tree and an axe.
To create a sawmill, you need to have trunk and $RUM tokens.
To create a plank, you need to have a sawmill and $RUM tokens.
To create a shipyard, you need to use wooden plank and $RUM tokens.
To create a ship, you need to have a shipyard and $RUM tokens.

Small island is free for all players but with very limited economy. For upgrade, players can buy island in various sizes: small, medium, large and extra large. They differ on the amounts of buildings players can have on the island.

Aside from adventure mode, here are some game activities:

REPRODUCTION. Breeding male and female pirates to get a young pirates NFT.
LONG SEA VOYAGE. An adventure at sea with the use of ship to get gold or rewards.
CRAFTING. With the use of $RUM tokens and game resources, players can craft resources or buildings.
RENT PARCELS. This is for those with big island and excess lot. They can rent it out for passive income.
RENT PIRATES. In case you have several pirates in your collection, you can rent them out for income.



The game uses $RUM as their utility token. Players will receive this as rewards in their daily quest. There is a total 500 million that will be released in the market via few rounds of sales.

$AARC (Arrland Gold Coin) is the 2nd token in the game. It will be used for ingame transactions and marketplace trading. The token can be mined by processing dug gold on the islands.



As per the game roadmap, the beta version of the game is set to launch 4th quarter of this year. Prior to that, they have scheduled the release of their tokens and pre sale all the game NFT’s. Development is in full mode to make the best version of the game.



The game is developed by ANFATA GAMES SP., a Polish based company specialising in video games. From their website, they listed their office address as ul. M. Karlowicza 13/5, 40-145 Katowice Silesia Poland, EU. Their goal is to make this game visually attractive to most play to earn gamers worldwide.

Here’s some of the listed team members:

Marcin Bednarski – Co-Founder
Dominik Szopa – Co-Founder
Norbert Paszkowski – Advisor


To know more about the game, visit PIRATES OF ARRLAND website.

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