PIRATES LAND is the latest play to earn game in binance blockchain. The goal is to captain your own battleship to conquer treasure islands for fortune.

The game exist in virtual world called TreasureVerse. Here, there is a vast sea where legends of pirates exists. One of the legend is about the great treasure in Dragon Island, where large mountain of gold lies with abundance of PLT tokens.

According to game legend, a talented captain will someday lead his crew to claim these treasures. There will be adventures, battles and epic stories waiting.

Do you accept the challenge and captain your own ship on the way to Dragon Island?



To start the game, players need to have a ship which they can buy via mystery boxes. The game offers spinning function to get random ships as rewards.

During PHASE 1 of the game, players can do below activities:

Build Islands

As captain, your goal is to develop and level up your island to support more ships.
Decorate Battleship
At start, ships are bare. You need to decorate them with items such as canons, bow, sail, bullet and flag to make them battle ready and worthy sailing in the vast sea.

Marketplace and Port

All game transactions and trading happens here.

Battleship Maintenace

Ships need to be reloaded daily to make it operational. By doing so, you need to pay PLD token. Once the ship is ready, it can then participate in battle and quests.

PVP to Earn

Be the strongest captain in Pirates Land. By battling other captains, you have a chance to win and get rewarded with fame points. These points can be used to buy items in shop.
During PHASE 2, here’s some game features:

Build Island

Players can upgrade their islands from higher levels.

Decorate Islands

More items to decorate

Decorate Battleship

More items to decorate

Raid Boss

Players participate in raids to defeat the boss. Winners can get gold.

PVP Ship Battle

The stronger ships win, upgrading of ship is a must to win rewards.



Layer 1: The Abyssal Depth

This is where 90% of the treasure are rumoured located. Many pirates tried finding it but all failed. Or perhaps the depth are just waiting for the qualified pirates to reveal their secrets.

Layer 2: The Continents and Oceans

Treasures are scattered in the vast sea, buried in caves and some ancient ruin islands. Dragon Island is the most famous one where ancient people found lots of them. But this is just a small portion of the treasures in TreasureVerse.

Layer 3: The Sky and Beyond

Sometimes, the sky will drop treasures from the sky in the form of PLT token. This phenomenon is happening and hence called “treasure rain”. Treasures are believed to be abundant in the clouds, but the current civilisation don’t have ability to fly and get all those treasures above.



There are several game NFT’s to collect.


Ship is the most important game asset to fulfil your role as pirate. They come in 5 rarities: classic, rare, super rare, ultra rare and legendary. The higher the rarity, the better the ship is. As your ship progress, it increases in level and stat. There is also ships durability to gauge if the ship needs repair or ready for battle.

Ships can be bought from the mystery boxes or via in-game marketplace.


Owning an island is a dream for all pirates. To build an island, player needs to collect fame points by playing the game. Islands have 5 different levels. The higher the levels of the island, the more ships it can support.


It is an important asset in the island. This is where trading, buying and selling goods take place. By owning a port, the captain pays less in trading.


These are special items in the game just for decoration in ships and islands. By decorating, players can express their own style and individuality in building their own items.


It’s a must have to battle with other pirates, mounted on the battle ships side. Canons have stats that determine their effectiveness in battle.



The main game token is Pirates Land Token (PLT). It is BEP-20 token in binance blockchain. There will be a total of 500 million supply in circulation.

The token will be used in various game activities such as:
– Staking
– Trading
– Game Rewards for events
– Marketplace currency
– NFT in-game purchases

The total token will be allocated as per below with their respective vesting plan:

Seed – 1%
Private Sale – 6%
Public Sale – 4%
Play to Earn Rewards – 42%
Fund Reserve – 14%
Liquidity – 10%
Ecosystem – 11%
Team – 10%
Advisors – 2%

To protect the token economy, the game will feature few token burning mechanisms in-game:

Battleship Maintenance. After several use, battleship will need to do maintenance by spending several tokens as payment.
Reloading. Players need to spend tokens daily to reload battleships. This will also be used for PVE mode.
Raid Boss. To participate in raid, player need to pay several tokens as pass.
PVP – To participate in PVP battle mode, players need to spend token to join. Winners take the tokens less the fees.

The game also have several taxes in place to restrict and protect the tokens. These taxes includes claiming, buying, selling, withdrawal, trading, transaction fees in rewards and other similar activities. Taxes varies from 1% up to 50%.



Game mainnet launch is scheduled this 2nd quarter of 2022. IDO and token listings in various swaps and exchanges is also set prior to game launch. See below game roadmap for details.



The team is based in Vietnam where most of the members are located. Here’s the top executives of the company:

Here’s the founder of LFG Ventures with more than several years of experience in game operations, game analyst and quality assurance.

He’s a CEO and Co-Founder of GZONE. His main experience is game publishing for the last 8 years.

He has 12 years of valuable experience in the field of security technology.

DIEP DANG – Lead Blockchain
He has more than 5 years experience in web development.

THANG VU – Lead Dev Game
He’s the CEO and Co-Founder of BAZOKA STUDIO, with specialization in game development.

TRAM NGUYEN – Design Director
She has more than 4 years of experience as 2D game artist.


To know more about the game, visit PIRATES LAND website for more details.

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