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PINUP WARLORDS is a play to earn NFT trading card game in wax. They feature cool designs on their game and NFT’s, all hand drawn and inspired by the era of each general in the faction.  Unlike other games, the game is completely in wax blockchain.

Imagine World War 3, with all the chaos, battle and fighting. But this game is different, all the characters are female. As with real soldiers, they all come with various rank and specialties that are helpful in battle.

It is fun to play and fast paced play to earn game. Each battle, the winner will take the losing player’s NFT staked in the game.



To play the game, player needs 5 NFT cards among the 12 different classes available. From this, you need to form 5 team for your squad. This will be your team for battle. You can also equip them with weapons to add higher fire power, though it is optional. What needed is ammo, which you need to purchase via game shop at around 0.9 wax per 100 ammo. There is a minimum number of ammo before you can join a battle.


There are few rules in battle.

  1. You need a squad, 5 members of a different class. One of them must be a nurse or a trooper. You need to stake 1 NFT which is triple it’s value. But if you lose, you will also lose the NFT.
  2. Ammo is required, you need to buy from shop.
  3. Extra weapons are optional. If needed, you can purchase them via shop or secondary market.
  4. Launch game

There are also special bonuses to help you win the battle.

  1. If you stake officer, aditional 25%
  2. If all your squad is under 1 faction, additional 50%
  3. If both officer and unified squad are stake, additional 100%
  4. If you stake a colonel, you get extra round of fire
  5. If you have a warlord in the squad, you get extra round of fire
  6. If you stake warlord, you get extra 2 rounds of fire

Here’s how the battle is sequenced.

  1. Game launch.
  2. Initiative draw (will decide who will win extra round)
  3. Sniper shots if you have it in your squad
  4. Main battle screen
  5. Paratrooper defense jump if present in your squad
  6. Results
  7. NFT transfer for the winner

battle mode


In order to win, you need to try and find the winning squad members. Try to mix and match till you get your lucky NFT’s.

They prepare a very interactive tutorial on how to play the game, check HERE.

Winner will be rewarded with $HEELS token based on ammo used in the battle. If you win, you get x5 (early adaptors) of the number of ammo you spent. If you lose, you get x1 of the ammo you spent.



You can stake your $HEELS token for a week to earn WAX. Reward will be based on the percentage of sales.

2nd REWARD – VIP Collector Pool

If you have all the NFT’s of all the factions, and you reach level 5, you will gain access to this pool

3rd REWARD – Leaderboard Pool

The game maintains a LEADERBOARD that tracks player wins for a week. Depending on the pot, each will receive a reward in wax.


CONQUEST MODE is coming around end of 3rd quarter. It’s much awaited by players as they can attack enemy territories for better rewards and battle experience.



The game is card based game. It is important to know each of them to help and guide you win the battle.

There are basically several factions in the game. Right now, they released 9 factions and few more are upcoming. Each faction is unique and has its own design. These are :

  1. Alexander the Great
  2. Takeda Shingen
  3. Zhykov
  4. Guanyu
  5. Ataturk
  6. Bizmarck
  7. Crazy Horse
  8. Genghis Khan
  9. Ulysses Grant

game NFTs

Each faction are compose of several units such as:


They are the infantry soldiers, tough and dedicated to the mission. 10 of them can be an army, which can defend or conquer territories.


They are responsible in treating those injured in battle. Each squad needs either nurse or a trooper to fight.


Radio operators are needed by gunners, tank drivers, and pilots. Without it, these 3 cannot operate and battle.


Very effective long-range fighter. The more experience it gets, the higher it’s ability in the game.


They drop from above into enemy territory where they least expect them. The more experience it accumulates, the more chance to use his higher abilities.


All they do is BOOM. They handle artilleries so every one are safe. If you choose artillery as weapon, you need GUNNER.


They literally drives tanks. If you choose tank as weapon, you need a driver. They are powerful in battle, crashing enemies.


They need plane to fly. They are highly skilled and with much damage. Their air superiority is the real deal. If you want to use plane as weapon, you need to have this NFT.


Aside from low-ranking staff, you can also get officers NFT. They can be Lieutenant, Captain, Colonel and Warlords. They can use as squad leader, with both pros and cons in the  game. However, they are powerful when use as it adds bonus to the game.


To add fighting power, players can choose to add these NFT’s to increase their Fighting Power (FP). These includes grenade, bazooka, ICBM, tank, jet, artillery and machine gun.

preparing for battle


After you win the battle, each NFT card XP will increase by 1. Once you reach 10, NFT level increase by 1. A higher level means higher fire power in game.

Each of the personnel NFT comes with various class (total 12) and rarities (common, uncommon, scarce, rare, super rare, epic, legend, and myth). It is always the higher the better.

Weapons and vehicles are single use only. Use them wisely.

All these NFTs can be purchased via game shop or secondary market like Atomic Hub.

pack sale


The game is using $HEELS token. It’s the main currency that can be earned and mined by the players in the game. There are total 2 billion supplies, distributed as below.


Team tokens are vested for a 2 year schedule, with sec every 6 months on a pro-rata basis.

As mentioned, players earn $HEELS after every battle in all mode. When you win the battle, you will receive 2 HEELS for every ammo used. If you lose, you will still receive 1 HEELS for every ammo used.

Special consideration for early adopters where they will be rewarded 5 $HEELS for every ammo fired during the first 100 million HEELS token.

$HEELS token can also be staked in-game to earn wax and governance role to help decide for the future of the project.

For now, the token is not tradeable. It is mainly used in the game for PVP and for staking. WAX is earned via weekly leaderboard (depending on your # of wins, you will have a share in the pot) and via staking $HEELS in the game.


The game is already LIVE as of 2nd quarter of this year. It’s already play to earn, you can join the fight after creating your account.

There are more updates coming in the game including the much awaited CONQUEST and PVP. See below roadmap of the game.



The game is developed by DRAGON DREAM STUDIO with office address in Costa Rica.

Dragon Dream Digital Ltd
Escazu San Rafael
Edificio Ebc Centro Corporativo, 8
San Jose Costa Rica

Head of publication is listed as HADJADJ TAHA. Not much details of team members in the website.



To play and know more about the game, visit PINUP WARLORDS website and join their DISCORD group for more updates.

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