PETHEREUM is a play to earn metaverse that is free to play. Players will be able to play the game via mobile apps.


PETHEREUM NFT Play to Earn Crypto Game

The goal of the game is to collect pets which is also an NFT in the blockchain. It is a metaverse with approximately 13.2 billion unique pets combinations. These pets are in blockchain and can be used ingame. Each pets has 10 different physical traits with several varities and rarities. Such physical characteristics are hair, eye, ear, mouth/nose, tail, legs, main color, secondary color and pattern. All these have each own variation numbers, making a lot of possible combinations and unique pets possible.


At the start of the game, each players will receive an egg to join the PETHEREUM universe. By hatching the egg, play will get a unique first pet. You can also buy pets via marketplace.

To upgrade and increase the pet skills, players need to to spend time to participate and win various games inside the game metaverse. If got lucky, pets can upgrade to higher rarity and possible to sell at higher value in market place. Tokens will be earned by winning game tournaments.

Aside from hatching eggs, players can also fuse their pets to create new pets. They can also stake their pets to gain $PETH tokens.

For the planned PETHEREUM metaverse, players can buy land NFT’s. This is the place where players can socialize, make friends, decorate and build buildings.

As planned, the metaverse will include various games such as Jumpy Pets, Floppy Pets, Petris, Shell Pets, Memory Pets and Pet Crush. Player will earn another ingame token called PETHEREUM CRYSTALS upon successful completion of these games.



The main ingame token is called $PETH. It is under Binance Smart Chain network (BSC). As per other BSC tokens, you can get them via PancakeSwap. There will be 10 billion supplies in total. Most of it are locked and will gradually distributed to keep the supply in balance. Players will get this token thru playing the game and taking care of their pets.

See below tokenomics.


Aside from main token, the game also have PETHEREUM CRYSTALS token which can only be used ingame. They are not tradeable. Players can earn these token by joining various games in metaverse.



As per their roadmap, we can expect the beta game this 2nd quarter of 2022, for open beta in mobile game. See their detailed roadmap below for reference. As always, this is subject to change as per their development.




The game is being developed by LOOP GAMES studios. They created successful games such as MATCH 3D and MATCH 3D TILE, both are app based games. The company is located in TURKEY.

Here are the CORE TEAM and ADVISORS of the game.


For more details, visit their website PETHEREUM and join their discord for more updates and information.

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