PEGAXY is an online horse racing game with play to earn features designed in Polygon blockchain. Horse racing has been around for a long time with lots of avid enthusiasts. Pegaxy brings that excitement online with blockchain technology and NFT’s.



The game revolves around HORSE RACING To begin with, player needs to have at least one PEGA or the game horse. It is available via game marketplace.

The result of the race is dependent on random result and pega statistics. Top 3 winners will receive ingame token rewards, $VIS token.


BREEDING. As owner of PEGAXY, you can breed your horse up to 7 times. Each breed costs VIS and PGX token. The higher the breed number, the higher the tokens needed for breeding. Breeding needs to have a pair of parent pega, male and female.

In breeding, the least bloodline of the parent will pass on to the offspring. Breeding takes time so you will not be able to use your pega for racing. Gender of the baby pega is random, base on 50/50 chance for male and female.

RENTING. Owning a pegaxy might be too costly for some. That’s why the game has a renting features. Manager is the owner of the horse, while the renter is called scholar in the game. It works via profit sharing method, base on what managers and scholars agreed prior to renting.

There are 3 types of rental system: FIXED, PROFIT SHARE and DIRECT.

FIXED RENTAL. In this rental system, the owner post the pega in the system with fixed income they want with the duration. For example, they list one pega for 2,000 PGX fees for 60 days rent.

PROFIT SHARE. In this system, both owners and scholars agreed in sharing the percentage of the income. It is up to them how much percentage they want and as long as both parties agree, rental will take place.

DIRECT RENTAL. In this system, the manager directly offer the pega for rent on the chosen scholar that they want bypassing the rental market. No other person can rent the pega except for the person you want. Once the scholar accept the contract with specified sharing, it’s done.




PEGA is the main NFT in the game. Same with the real horse, they are various bloodlines to choose from.

RAREST – HOZ Bloodline
RARE – CAMPONA Bloodline
COMMON – ZAN Bloodline


The higher the rarity or bloodline, the better the PEGA performance in the game. The bloodline can be easily identified in the PEGA via their wings design.

There are 2 unique rare PEGA NFT’s: Founding Pega and Crowned Pega.

Founding Pega is special because they are initially created in the game. There are only 5,000 of them and a collectors item. They can be identified by looking at the PEGA stat, there is a word FOUNDING on it.

Crowned Pega is the holy grail in the game, the best among the Pega. It is every players dream to have on their collection. You can evolve a normal pega into a crowned pega using 5 fabled tokens, earned via referral. See token below.

One evolution to crowned pega will burn 5 fabled tokens. The rarity of the crowned pega will be be as follows:

25% Single Crowned
10% Double Crowned
4% Triple Crowned
0.25% Quad Crowned
0.0025 Penta Crowned

The more crown the pega has, the more rare it is. Crown cannot be obtained in breeding. It is only via evolution. If fabled tokens are all burned, no more crown pega to be made.


This is the most coveted NFT in the game. Owning a track or stadium in Pegaxy metavers gives the owner passive income. The owner earn a percentage from the revenue in the race.



These are game NFT’s, optional items that you can put on your PEGA for extra attributes on the track. Having these gear will give your pega an advantage in the race, though optional in the race. These are head wear, knee wear, chest wear and backside wear.



Pega needs to eat too. There are NFT items that you can buy and feed to your Pega for extra attributes. Each of these food can have negative and positive impact to your pega. Some of the foods are:

SACRED NECTAR – reduce maturity time by 1 day
DRAGON CARROT – increase 1% of speed, but reduce strength by 1%
PURPLE CARROT – increase 1% in strength but reduce 1% of speed
ELFFY GRASS – increase 1% of strength but reduce 1% of fire
DRAGRON FRUIT – increase 1% of fire but reduce 1% of strength
MOON DAFFODIL – increase 1% of fire but reduce 1% of water
ALPS POTION – increase 1% of water but reduce 1% of fire
SNOW SPIRIT POTION – increase 1% of water but reduce 1% of wind
OCEAN DAFFODIL – increase 1% of wind but reduce 1% of water
LOTUS GRASS – increase 1% of wind but reduce 1% of lightning
EVE ORANGE – increase 1% of lightning but reduce 1% of wind
MONETA ORANGE – increase 1% of lightning but reduce 1% of speed
MOGON GRASS – increase 1% of speed but reduce 1% of lightning
JOY OF SUNSHINE – randomly change PEGA’s color

SACRED NECTAR and JOY OF SUNSHINE are extremely rare in the game because of their specific use.



Pegaxy Stones (PGX) is the governance token of the game in polygon blockchain, ERC-20. The token can be staked to earn PGX token. Those with enough tokens can participate in in voting for game developments and suggestions. PGX token can also be earned via game tournaments competition with other players.

There are total 1 billion PGX token supply. These are allocated as follows:

16% Community Developer Incentives
30% Ecosystem Reserve and Marketing
22% Team
10% Liquidity Provisions
10% Private Sale #1
10% Private Sale #2

Vigorous (VIS) is the ingame token used for rewards and marketplace within the Pegaxy ecosystem. It’s an ERC-20 token in polygon blockchain, uncapped supply. The token can be earned by top 3 players who join and win the race. It is also used for breeding features.

FABLED tokens on the other hand is a special game token. There are only 4,000 in supply. It is a token earned via referral system. Any players who refers a player to join the game and if that player buy one PEGA, the player is entitled to get free fabled token. The token is used to evolve a normal PEGA in to a CROWNED pega. The token is burned after use.



Beta game was launched 1st quarter of this year. They have release several features since then including marketplace, renting, breeding, desktop version and token release.

They have more features upcoming along the way, check their roadmap for more details.



Pegaxy developers started February 2021. To date, they have more than 50 full time staff worldwide working in various areas such as game engineering, development, art, customer support, game design and many more.

Here’s Pegaxy Core team members:


Ken is the overall in-charge of the business of Pegaxy. He is more on business development, products and business relations side. He has masters degree in International Business and an entrepreneur. He has more than 10 years of experience in business consultancy for more many big companies with knowledge in crypto and blockchain technology.


Steve is the man behind all technical and engineering aspects of Pegaxy game. He is very much involved in the development, game design and technical aspects. With more than 15 years in the IT industry, he is an expert in what he is doing especially in building games and mobile apps. He is base in Vietnam.


Corey is the main person in-charge of growth and development of Pegaxy userbase in all communities worldwide. He is base in Australia with more than 7 years of experience in digital marketing and customer service. He’s involved in more than 20 crypto related projects since then.



To know more about the game, visit PEGAXY website and try it.

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