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NOVA RALLY is a play to earn game in WAX blockchain. It is a racing simulation game where players compete with other players to win the race. Winners are rewarded with game NFTs and other items.


Nova Rally – Racing Strategy Game

The game was launched last year and is currently one of the stable game in wax blockchain. The goal of the game is simple, to win the race. To participate, you need 1 driver and 2 cars. Then sit back and relax, wait for the race to finish. Winners will get NFT rewards and other items.



Cars all handle differently in the Nova Rally 3D Simulation. You can focus on pure speed but be vulnerable to attacks or you can sacrifice speed to prefer to drive through your opponents, not around them.

There are currently 4 manufacturers of Rally cars in the Nova Rally galaxy – Clunk, Speros, Dimp and Helios. At present time, there are only 10 distinct car models known to the manufacturers. The vehicles are known for their speed and power, with each vehicle dealing with racing conditions differently.


nova rally vehicles



Driver’s personalities and stats affect the way they drive. You can combine aggressive characters for entertaining results. You can also balance out aggression with wisdom for a more balanced approach.

These drivers are a collection of some of the greatest racing talent in the galaxy and they all have the same goals in mind – to win races, reach the Nova Rally Master League and win the Nova Rally Championship! Each driver has their own unique perk, allowing them to occasionally spot shortcuts and save time during a race.

They are available in five rarities – Common, Uncommon, Rare, Classic and Sketch. Rarities of driver NFTs affect snaking value, but do not affect performance.

nova rally drivers



You can get Nova Rally car and driver NFTs via Atomic Hub.


Race to Earn

nova rally race to earn


The main game play is about racing. There are currently 3 game modes available in the game:

1. Racing Events

There are 8 competing teams in standard races. It’s risk-free, no harm will happen in your NFT after the race.
You will need Fuel to race, which you simply get hourly for owning any Nova Rally Drivers or Cars. Simply click Claim Fuel on the website to receive your tokens. The beginner fuel is called Snake Oil (SNAKOIL)
If you win a race you receive a ‘Shard Pack’ for a Vehicle or a Driver. You will need 5 of these to create a new NFT and add it to your team.

2. The Death Rally

nova rally death rally

The Death Rally has the greatest prize pool in the Nova rally race – but also the most dangerous, as the competitors risk their lives for a shot at victory!

Players can take part in a contest every day. As this is a risky event, many will not make it out of the race.

3. Mechanic Mastermind

mechanic mastermind

In this mode, players can input different combinations of vehicles and drivers to see which ones produce the most effective results.

Players will select a combination of 3 drivers to compare, and the game will display the power of this chosen combination. The players who produce the most effective combinations will get vehicle NFTs.


To know more about the game, visit Nova Rally medium and whitepaper.


Nova Rally Pack Sale 

There is an upcoming pack sale this Sept 1, 7PM UTC. The game will sell various items as below:

1. Statues — Guaranteeing you a Founders Cosmetic Skin for the character you receive a Statue of!

2. Decals — Designs you can equip onto your car to be shown while racing!

3. Emotes — Special moments such as overtakes, rams or spinning out on a corner can be marked with an automatic playing of an equipped emote.

4. Music Tapes — Have your character’s Theme Song play on the podium when you are victorious, also so gives you some BOOST token every hour you can spend in game.


nova rally pack sale


To know more about the upcoming pack sale, visit this link in MEDIUM



Sammy Stuttard aka “SammySnake” is the founder and director of Nova Rally.

Sammy Stuttard Founder Photo



More details about the game can be found on their website. Join their discord group for the latest updates.



Check out this video.


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