Immerse yourself in a new concept of play to earn crypto NFT games. MUTERRA is one of the games developed in HIVE blockchain. It is a combination of RPG (role playing game), TCG (trading card game) and CCG (collectible card game).


MUTERRA – Play to Earn Game in HIVE Blockchain

The story started in an imaginary earth, devastated and littered with global radiation from population boom of plants and animals. Animals started to evolve and mutate. While human populations started to decline, mutated animals is on the rise and thrive on various elements. The fate of humanity is on the balance. As last result, they decided to fight back and started taming this wild animals. That is how the era of TAMERS began.

MUTEE are the animals that evolve with radiations. They are classified into 4 elements: water, fire, earth and air.

Animals vary in sizes and sexes. There are male and female for most to enable them for breeding. They vary and categorised in sizes from very small to very large attributes. Each of theme have varying attributes that make each animals unique to each other. They also have individual stats like endurance, agility, spirit, vitality, strength, awareness, speed, size, armor and elemental resistance.

Players act as TAMER’s in the game. At start, all tamers at level 0 and gradually increase base on game performance and activity. These includes leaderboard standings, number of mutees tamed, game achievements and other things. The game is guided by MUTEE TAMER COUNCIL to decide what is best for the game. Game modes are PVE and PVP. In PVE, players can do hunt, raid and exploration activities. In PVP, players can battle with other tamers and increase their ranking in the leaderboard.


Muterra Game NFT’s

There are 2 basic NFT cards in the game: MUTEE cards and TAMER cards. The games card graphics are insanely great. They have created several of these cards and was sold on their previous presale. Some of the MUTEE cards are Aquarine, Erodentia, Flamander, Hodgea, Scorthio, Terrainzula, Elizo, Fraeta, Hareflare, Acro, Aerobat and so forth. Take note that male and female mutee have different names. TAMER cards name are not out yet, but one of them is an epic tamer card named Erika.

Here’s some examples of their existing cards.

HIVE network is bridged with WAX network. Aside from game marketplace, you can also get these NFT’s via Atomic Hub marketplace. Whatever you buy in AH will appear in your game account in HIVE. In future, they also plan to release the game in wax version for easy access to players.

Check their items on their Atomic Hub marketplace listings, click here.




As game rewards, MUTERRA uses ingame token called $MUT, the utility token. This will be tradeable via ALCOR EXCHANGE. Not much details yet about the token and marketplace is still using USD payment mode.



Testing phase of the game already began last December 2021. However, it is only for few selected players in discord. The beta launch is expected this month of APRIL base on their discord post. As to exact date, developers are still hesitant to discuss. They are in full dev mode to finalize the game and launch in public.

To create a HIVE wallet, check this link CREATING HIVE WALLET GUIDE



There are no details on their website who the developers are. But base on their website domain name using IN, most likely they are from India as this is their country domain name. They are very active in Discord community, especially the developer named @blackheart. If you have any questions with them, you can join on their Discord account. Click the link from their website.


To know more about the game, visit MUTERRA website for more information.

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