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MUSIC MOGUL is the upcoming play to earn game by WAX STUDIOS. It is a P2E game like no other. Traditionally, most games involve mining, fighting, farming and other activities. Music Mogul, on the other hand, is about becoming a music tycoon where players can build their own record label, hire new talent and grow their own music empire!

Game features and mechanics are totally new in the the crypto gaming industry. If you love music, you better try this upcoming game.




It is like a PVP aspect of Music Mogul. You can assign artists to do recording. In return, you will get NOTES token as rewards. Joining the Recording Rooms needs a fee of KEYS token.

The goal is to compete with other players, climb the chart and rise to fame.

From the game interface, you can select which artists you want to join for Recording Rooms. Take note that it will take a week to finish the recording. During this period, you cannot use your talent to do other things. Choose wisely which talent you will send!

There will be few different Chart Leaderboards for you to compete on, such as below:

  • General overall Top Artist Chart
  • Top Artist Charts by Genre
  • Top Artist Charts by Star Power

There’s also leaderboard for criteria such as specific roster sizes and record label level and other things. Your rewards are base on your leaderboard standing after a week.



It is like a PVE aspect of Music Mogul. You can assign your artists to do touring. In return, you will get KEYS token as rewards.

In the game, you can select various gigs to participate. Each gig requires certain artists with certain genre and star power levels to participate. You need to choose which gig your artists qualify. In case no gig suits your artists, you can refresh the page for a small fee in NOTES token.

A gig usually takes from 1 hour to 24 hours. Rewards also vary, depending on the star power of your artists. This will be shown in the game before you join any gig. Once on a gig, you cannot use that artists to do other tasks.

The more artists you have, the more gigs you can perform and more token rewards. Participating in tour requires fee of NOTES token. Make sure you have it before joining any gig.

As we’ve discussed before, Touring is the PvE aspect of Music Mogul, where you can assign your Artists of various Genres and Star Power levels to different gigs. In return, they will bring you Keys, one of the two currencies available for you to collect.



Players can only get NFT artists via presale or secondary market only. In this crafting features, players will get the chance to get artists with higher STAR power. Buy combining/burning few lower star same artists, you will have the chance to craft 1 NFT with higher star power.

The formulas are as follows:

  • 3 pcs 1-star cards to craft 1 2-star (Uncommon)
  • 4 pcs 2-star cards to craft 1 3-star (Rare)
  • 6 pcs 3-star cards to craft 1 4-star (Epic)
  • 9 pcs 4-star cards to craft 1 5-star (Legendary)



game NFT

There are currently 2 music genre announced in the game right now: POP and HIP-HOP/R&B. Each pack contains 25 random NFT cards of same genre, random levels. They already have the presale of the POP genre few weeks ago. Next week is the presale of the HIPHOP/RNB genre.

All in all, the game will have total 5 genre which will be added along the way. Other genre’s are ROCK, COUNTRY and ELECTRONIC DANCE MUSIC. See below game calendar for reference.

music mogul calendar

Unlike typical games with usual rarities like common to legendary, the game uses different rarity names to distinguish each NFT’s. Instead, they use 1 STAR to 5 STAR talent wherein the higher the star, the higher the rarity of the NFT.

Each card also comes with LEVEL. Instead of usual level numbers, the game uses below:


Here’s the list of the game characters or artists you will encounter in the game. These are just POP artists, more artists will be introduce after the next sale scheduled on August 4.

Cassie O’Keyboard / POP / Alaska, USA

Zak Muse / POP / New York, USA

Fiona Friend / POP / Scotland

Bruno Braggadocio / POP / Italy

Rain Supreme / POP / Sweden

Lyrical-Licious / POP / USA

Calvin da Capo / POP / Cuba

Dustine McKeister / POP / Ireland

Venus Jones / POP / Portugal

Falsetto Fantasy / POP / USA

Holden Atune / POP / Canada

Brandi Chords / POP / USA

Giselle La Belle / POP / Brazil


Hip-Hop/R&B Genre Talent Packs Coming Pack #2 Sale

As mentioned earlier, the next genre pack sale is coming this August 4,2022, at 10 am PST/1 pm EST. There will be new sets of artists, different from the artists in POP genre.

The packs costs $75 USD in WAXP token and can be open few hours after the sale. You’ll get random 25 NFT cards of various levels and rarities.


Check this PACK #2 SALE LINK for more details.


Hip-Hop/R&B Genre Talent Pack Opening

As a member of the WAX AMBASSADOR program, I was given an opportunity to get the pack and unbox it for you to show how it looks like 🙂 Watch below video of my unboxing and see which artists I got.



For this pack, I got 1 x 4 star, 3 x s star and the rest are 1 star. I’m quite happy about it. Let me know what you got. Comment down below!



There are 2 game tokens: NOTES and KEYS.

If you join TOURING (PVE aspect of the game) of Music Mogul, you will receive KEYS token as rewards. But to join Touring, you will pay NOTES to participate.

If you join RECORDING ROOM (PVP aspect of the game), you will receive NOTES token as rewards. But to join Recording Room, you will pay KEYS to participate.

Both of these token will be listed in Alcor Exchange prior to game launch.



The game is expected to launch this FALL season. That’s from September to December. There is no specific date yet, we need to keep posted for their announcement.



The game is being developed by WAX STUDIOS. They are the same team behind BLOCKCHAIN BRAWLERS game. WAX Studios also partners with some of the best consumer brands including the likes of Mattel, Hasbro, Funko and NASCAR to create and deliver premium NFT collections to the mass market.

They are also in partner with CUB STUDIOS to do the animation works of the game. They specialize in creating animation works for sports, tech and more.


To know more about the game, visit MUSIC MOGUL website and join the DISCORD group for more updates.

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