You will be excited to learn you could be paid to keep fit! Discover the exciting world of Move to Earn applications and how to earn in the metaverse.

We need to stay fit to lead productive lives. However, it is easier said than done for most of us.

Have you been postponing your workout routine? Do you have a workout routine but feel
unmotivated? The ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency brings you the motivation you need.

Move to Earn applications allow you to earn in crypto when you do physical activity. The
applications are designed to track your activity, and every time you jog, run or do push-
ups, your wallet grows. In this article, we discuss how this works and discuss the top
applications in this game.



It is a new exciting innovation where people can be rewarded for getting up and moving!
Different applications are offering this exciting challenge. Although the concept differs with
each app, you must complete an in-game task to earn a reward. The task could be dancing,
finishing a workout, walking a given distance, or jogging.

Most of the applications require you to make a purchase before you begin earning. For
instance, if you sign up at StepN, you will be required to purchase NFT sneakers.

Everyone would love to earn a few bucks from something they do every day, like working out.

The Move to Earn project targets to motivate more people to exercise more often. These games will boost your fitness and health goals, and you also get to earn while at it!


When Did It Start

The move to earn concept began back in 2020. Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, people have stayed indoors and worked out less. The mission was to see people get motivated to engage in physical activity. The idea has since blown up, and more applications that embrace the concept are coming up.


Top 3 Move To earn Crypto Applications

If you are looking to earn a passive income as you engage in your usual physical activities, here are some of the best applications.



This is a web three lifestyle app with move-to-earn NFT games. At STEPN, the more you move, the more you earn. To begin earning at STEPN, you need to buy a pair of virtual sneakers from them. A pair of sneakers costs between 800$ and 1200$.

STEPN is on the Solana blockchain. The application has recently gained popularity, with over 300,000 active users per day.

Once you purchase a pair of sneakers, you begin to earn GMT tokens for every task you
complete. 1 GMT (Green Metaverse Token) is equivalent to 2.20$. You can use the GMT
tokens to purchase a game upgrade too.

If you are looking to get started with cryptocurrency, STEPN is a user-friendly application you should consider.



At Sweatcoin, you will receive rewards for simply running or walking. The application will
connect to your default fitness app to track your daily steps.

For every step you make, you earn a fraction of Sweat. It takes 1000 steps to earn one
Sweat coin. The Sweatcoin app has a marketplace where you can buy items using your earnings.

Some of the things you can purchase include fitness gear and electronics. You can opt to donate your earnings to charitable causes instead.

The Sweat can also be exchanged for Bitcoin. Sweatcoin is the go-to app if you love the thread mill.



At Dotmoovs, you earn MOOV tokens when you complete a workout. If you like to compete,
this is the application for you. At Dotmoovs, you can connect with other players and compete in different activities. The application allows you to complete challenges in physical locations.

You can use the Moov tokens you earn to purchase game upgrades or enter into competitions.

The application is AI-driven to provide you with the most realistic experience.



Earn to Move games are the newest trend in the world of cryptocurrency. The idea behind these games is to motivate more people to do physical exercises. Earning while keeping fit is a double win. The applications discussed in this article are a great place to begin.



1. What is metaverse?

It is simply virtual reality. It is a universe that exists online. People play games, interact and even earn in the metaverse.

2. How do you earn from physical exercise?

The basic concept in all Earn to Move applications is that the apps track every movement you make and reward you in tokens. These tokens can be used to purchase upgrades and enter competitions and can also be exchanged for Bitcoins.

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