MINING NETWORK is a newly launched free to play and earn game in wax blockchain. The game is similar to mining bitcoin in real life, but in-game. The game interface is like a computer where you can see icons, task bar and can even run commands.

The game story is about a Swedish teenager, YOLO, who venture into crypto currencies for the hope of becoming rich. Without prior knowledge, he immerse himself into exploring and learning everything about crypto.

Then he start mining crypto using his old device. Soon he started his own crypto currency called BITCAKE.

It became very popular with value growing daily. He mined in vast numbers and still maintains the price. Then problems started to arise. Hackers want to exploit his codes and take over his crypto currencies.

To combat the attack, YOLO needs to use all his mining resources to mine as much as possible before the hackers take all of it.


To join the game, first you need to create account. Use this link JOIN MINING NETWORK.


Once you create account, you will be given a free NFT miner, YOLASIC, to start and play the game. All NFT miners will start at level 0 with limited mining power to earn $SHARES. You can upgrade the miners to increase the yield per mining. You have to pay certain amount of $SHARES to pay for the upgrade.

The game is still in beta, but you can start earning already using free NFT miners. The paid NFT items are not yet available in the game.

To mine more, your goal is to level up and get more miners in your account. It’s a sure way to dominate the game. There is no limit of how many miners you can have per account.

The only downside is the CPU useage in wax. As you have more miners, it tends to consume a lot of CPU. If you have more wax to stake, it’s very useful. In case you don’t have, you can rent CPU in website like NFTHIVE


It is a process that reduces the entry of the token into the game token pool. See below for the dates and reduction quantities.


These are game NFT’s that can be use to give temporary benefits to players:

1. Increase mining rate temporarily.
2. Reduce update time for miners.
3. Reduce update cost.
4. Reduce cost of speeding updates.

These are like computer scripts that once executed, it will take effect and burn the NFT’s. Multiple scripts can be use for certain period.


As part of roadmap, a special council will be created by the developers. Mining X-Perts Council members will regularly check team’s action, recommend and suggest to improve the game.

These will include specialists, economic expert and leaders. Team will allocate separate budget for this advisory body.



The game uses ASIC MINERS to mine game resources. This device have both hardware and software components. Each device can be level up to to certain amount depending on their type. Free NFT can level up to 100 only, while the paid NFT levels are determined by the developer.


The higher the level, the higher the mining rate of the item.

The paid NFT have 4 rarities: uncommon, rare, epic and legendary. The higher the rarities, the better mining rate it will have.

There is no limit on how many miners you can have per account. The more miners, the more $SHARES you can get. You can purchase miners in Atomic Hub marketplace.



The game uses $BTK and $SHARES.

During mining, we earn $SHARES token from the reward pool. This is also use for upgrading our hardward. You can sell this token for $BTK via game exchange only.

$BTK tokens on the other hand are tradeable via Alcor Exchange. You can also use it to buy more $SHARES for upgrade use. The goal is to mine more $SHARES to exchange it to more $BTK tokens for real money.



The game is already launched few days ago. $BTK token is already listed and tradeable in Alcor Exchange. There is no NFT sale yet, but each player will get free NFT item upon sign up. They can use this item to mine the token and start earning.

NFT pack sale launch is scheduled this 31st of May.

They have more plans as stated in the litepaper. This includes establishment of X-Perts council, game improvement, hacker assistance, crypto bank and hardware upgrade. Do check the game website for more updates.



The game is registered as below:

Registered March 22, 2021 by Hight Court of Hong Kong
# 14336/2021

Office Address: 7/F NW Tower 111, Bonham Strand Sheung Wan Hong Kong

KIN SONG – Co-Founder and CEO



To know more about the game, visit MINING NETWORK website and join the game discord for updates.

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