MINES OF DALARNIA is the new play to earn game in binance blockchain. Mainnet was launch last week only and is currently gaining tractions for lots of players. The goal is to conquer the new planet called Dalarnia to build your online wealth.



The year is 11,752. The universe is ruled by Metagalactic Collective. They are guided by a benevolent but incomprehensible AI, the ONEMIND. They created a new revolutionary technology called TERRAFORMING CAPSULES. These capsules can create a planet in seconds, instead of million of years of evolution process. To begin with the experiment, 3 planets in Dalarnia were chosen. People across the galaxy rushed to the new planet if hope of making a fortune via mining resources. Goldrush has began.


Into the Mine

As a citizen in Dalarnia, your goal is to mine, collect resources and improve your equipments to give you advantage in mining the depth.

Action and Adventure

Aside from mining, you also have the chance to combat and battle in dungeons. All these are in blockchain technologies. Players compete with each other for a chance to win game rewards.

Manage and Earn

As a planet rich in resources, Dalarnian explorers and players goal is to discover, collect and trade these resources to earn in-game tokens. These tokens are tradeable via exchange for real currency. Players can also craft their own equipment for game use.



Mines of Dalarnia universe are made up of several planets. Each of these planets is split into a 40×40 grid size. Each of this grid is equivalent to a mining plot. Owning this NFT is vital to the game as play to earn economy is tied to this. Players have the ownership of the land where they can farm resources or rent it to others for passive income.

Each of the land have unique attributes like planet type, biome, resource distribution and special access restrictions.

BEP721 – 0x8815faE8FEb5e1b2f8a6C7C948D9FD1866e07a4f

Robo Canary Birds

These birds are miners best friend in Dalarnia. They follow players everywhere and alerts them if there are possible risks or enemies nearby. They also act as players secondary light which enables player to see things other than their line of sight or even further. Each birds have their own characteristics and rarity.

There are total 20,000 birds in the game with 10 types. The four rarities are N – 50%, R – 25%, SR – 15% and SSR – 10%.

BEP721 – 0x23fF55bCcFb446864814D19EDDd11FB42615D50A


Mining Ape Collection

This is a status symbol and owning this NFT provides long term benefits to players within the Dalarnia Universe. Each NFT is unique and randomly generated. Total 3039 has been minted in Ethereum blockchain.

Minting APE is already over, you can get them in OPENSEA marketplace.

BEP721 – 0x8E74eC33406FCA20c1be7b2A6c4135FC7CfAc9E8


These are tools and gears used in the game. These includes:

Mining Tools for digging and mining.
Weapons for killing monsters.
Armor to protect players from enemies and elements.
Exos for extra benefits and increase attributes.
Helmets for cosmetic use.
Holos for changing character looks.


Players can craft consumables ingame. They are use to increase power and stat, depending on each consumable. For start, terraforming capsule consumable is available for land owners to replenish their lands resources. In future, more consumables will be available in the game for players to craft and use.



$DAR is the official game token used as game rewards and ingame currency. Below are the contract address of the token:

ERC20 – 0x081131434f93063751813c619ecca9c4dc7862a3
BEP20 – 0x23CE9e926048273eF83be0A3A8Ba9Cb6D45cd978

The token is in binance and ethereum blockchain. It’s already LIVE and can be traded on various exchanges and trading sites. These includes PancakeSwap, Kucoin, Binance, Crypto and Uniswap. As of writing, the current token price is at $1.57.

For players, $DAR can be earned via mining resources and game tournaments.
For players with land, $DAR can be earned via tax collection on the property.
$DAR can also be staked to earn more $DAR along the way.



The game is already available in Mainnet. There’s a download link on their website where you can get the game installer and try it on your PC. It currently support windows based PC only.

Ingame marketplace will be available this quarter as we all as new game content and features.

Mobile versions of the game is scheduled to launch on 3rd quarter of this year. Planetary events, competitive game modes and token rewards will also be available during this time.



There are no details about the team and their partners. They are not doxxed as most of the P2E games in the market.

To know more about the game, visit MINES OF DALARNIA website for details.

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