METAGALACTICS is one of the upcoming play to earn game in wax blockchain. It is a strategy game where players have the chance to explore and conquer galaxies. Own digital NFT cards, battle and earn while you expand your fleet to reach more galaxies!



You need to have at least 1 starship NFT to play and earn in the game. Starship is use to do quests and mission which gives token rewards in return. They vary in rarities from common, rare and epic. The higher the rarity, the higher mining yield it can have.

As you send your starship for mission, it consumes fuel and boosters. Once depleted, you have to replenish them and spend $BCT token for ingame purchase. There is also an upgrade option to increase your ships rarity. You can combine 1 to 5 ships of same rarity for a chance to get an upgraded version of it. However, it’s a game of chance. You might lose or get a better one.

Each starship has 4 main characteristics namely attack, defence, mining rate and quotes points. All these are useful in various game activities.


MINING is the main activity in the game that will give you $BCT token rewards. Each player can send up to 5 starships per planet for mining. You can own several NFT starships in your fleet for more rewards.

Aside from starship, you can also own planets. These are game NFT’s where mining is taking place. As an owner of the planet, you will get a percentage of the tokens mined in your asset. This will give you a passive income along the way. Planets also varies in rarity from common, rare and epic.

As planet owner, you can set how much percentage you will get as mining fee. You can also form guild with other planet owners of your choosing. These alliance will be useful in future features such as guild wars. In case you do not want to join, you can also opt out from guild and no one will bother attacking your planet. Winning wars will increase all guild members mining rate on their planet.

QUESTS on the other hand, requires cooperation of players. The planet owners will post certain mission and starship players can fulfill those for rewards. Owners set the quest rewards, players choose which quests is suitable for them.



There are only 2 game NFT’s: STARSHIP and PLANETS. At presale, you can buy the starship box containing 5 ships of random rarities and standard planet box containing 1 planet with random rarity.



Metagalactics main token is called $BCT (blue crystal token). It will the main source of earning in playing the game. It will be tradeable via ALCOR EXCHANGE as soon as the game launch. There will be a total of 1 billion tokens to created, 60% of which will be allocated for game rewards.



The game is already whitelisted in both Nefty and Atomic Hub marketplace. Presale of Starhips Series 1 NFT’s are scheduled on the 9th of April while the Planet sale is on the 15th of April. Full gameplay is expected to launch on the 18th of April in wax network. More updates coming including mobile apps in both IOS and Android users. They also plan to launch on Binance blockchain at the last quarter of the year.



The company behind the game is base in UKRAINE. From their website, the owner is VLADYSLAV KOLESNYK with office address Stepana Bandery Ave 92, Ternopil Ukraine.

Not much details about the rest of the team.


To know more about the game, visit METAGALACTICS website and join their discord group for latest updates.

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