METAELF LAND is an upcoming NFT game in BSC network. It’s play to earn, with the goal of more and lasting player interactions. Metaverse is also part of the game plan to attract more players.

METAELVES are game characters similar to Pokemons. They can buy and breed them to produce various characters. These are then used to do daily tasks, adventures, PVE and PVP to earn game rewards and tokens.

With the help of the game economist, they aim to have an a sustainable economy for the long term.



To play the game, you need to have a METAEL character. You can purchase it via game marketplace. Each of these pokemon like characters have individual attributes such as health point, defence, shield, attack, coefficient, speed, critical strike rate, critical strike damage rate, hit rate, action power, formula and action value restoration. All these attributes will be helpful in various game activities.



Here, players can challenge other players for battle. Top players will get game rewards. To better condition the metaelf for battle, there are some ingame potions that can be purchase in store to boost energy and health of the characters.


This can be done in 3 modes: simple, normal and hard. Each are divided in 12 chapters with 10 levels each, with a boss at the end. Only after defeating the boss a player can proceed with next or higher level. Rewards are game items


For busy players, there is an autoplay feature in the game. Once activated, the player character will just auto roam the map and battle with monsters till they run out of energy.


Each MetaElf characters have their own element attributes. This can be either common or rare attributes. Common attributes includes fire, water and nature. Rare attributes includes light and dark, which are mutually restrained. Element attributes is assigned after a MetaElf is born, which is determined by the parents. If both parents have same element, the offspring will inherit it. If parents have different element, the offspring will get random from the parents.


Players can challenge other players or monsters for battle. It is designed so that players can use strategy and attributes of the MetalElves. Battle is designed to have a real time turn based combat strategy. Up to 6 MetaElves can be selected to participate in the battle.



Players can breed male and female MetaElves in the game. To start, players need to consume items for breeding. Hormone level of each parents must not be zero at breeding. After successful breeding, their hormone levels are deducted with 20 points. They can breed up to 5 times. Gender of the offsprings are random.


This is the best way to earn game rewards daily. There are lots of tasks waiting for players to fulfil. Progress bar is present it the game to indicate the tasks progress. When it reaches 100%, players can claim daily treasure chest.


Just like in pokemon, MetaElves do evolve to become better and stronger. To evolve, they must level up and gain more experience from battles. Once they reach as certain level required, they can evolve in the game. They also need to consume evolution potions, spend tokens and sacrifice 4 metaelves. Evolved character will have new appearance and higher attributes.STAMINA

Energy is an important attributes of each metaelves. They need this to participate in game activities like battle. Each battle consumes energy. To reset energy, you can wait for a day and get 120 points. Or you can consume potions which you can get via marketplace.


These are game rewards in daily tasks. They contain various random game items like tokens, potions or game NFT’s. You just have to open it and see.



The game uses two tokens: $MELT and $BNC.


$MELT is an important token in the game with various use cases. It is tradeable in exchanges and use in in-game marketplace. Here’s some of it’s uses:

– Player rewards in the game
– Marketplace currency for buying and selling NFT’s
– Reproduction and Evolution fees
– Governance token
– Staking for more $MELT

The token is designed to be deflationary. Part of the fees collected in game transactions will be burned to stabilize the token.


The token can be obtained as rewards for participating in PVE, adventures, daily tasks and PVP arena. Same with $MELT, the token is tradeable. The token is designed so that players can get it via active participation in the game. It is also used in breeding, purchasing of some items in the marketplace and more to be added use soon.



The game is expected to launch this month of MAY 2022. As of this writing, they will also have the NFT Pre Sale by today.

Check below roadmap for complete details about their schedule.



Here’s the list of team members that can be found on their website:

JASON KWOK – CEO & Co-Founder

He’s an accountant in Australia with a degree from Monash University. He has more than 10 years in finance and accounting related industry.

KEVIN LU – Chief Consultant

He’s a master of economics with a degree from University of Vienna. He has work experience as Investment specialist in Berkshire Hathaway company.

SILVIA CHOU – Chief Economist

She has a Bachelor of Economics degree from Peking University. She has more than 12 years of experience in working with big data and complex pricing models for insurance and investment firms.


He’s a blockchain programming expert from Renmin University in China. He worked in IBM as Technical Director.

KIDD LI – Head of Game Studio

He has more than 10 years of experience in gaming industry, with masters degree in SJTU.

ALLEN SHEN – Programmer of Game Studio

He has more than 10 years of experience in gaming industry especially in PVP games.

NOAH SONG – Head of Marketing in Korea

He worked in various crypto currency projects and provided marketing and consulting in more than 150+ projects.

RATSKIE CALMA – Head of Marketing in Southeast Asia

He has more than 10 years of experience in Philippine gaming industry.



To know more about the game, visit METAELF LAND website for more details.

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