Lost Sailors is an NFT play to earn game base in WAX blockchain. The game is about famous pirates and explores in history.



To play the game, you need a captain and a ship NFT’s. There are 4 different captains (2 pirates, 2 explores) and 4 different ships that belong to these captains. This ships have specific rarities that define it’s power in the game.

The goal of the game is to attack or reconnaissance continents to get rewards. The reward is base on distance they travel, which they can get NFT, XP or tokens.

Lost Sailor game consists of PVP and PVE mode. PVE mode will be playable initially upon launch, then followed by PVP in few months. By then, players will have their own ship port.

Captain NFT’s include 4 different captain with 5 rarities. You can get higher rarity by combining 4 same rarity card. Each captain has 3 different attributes: leadership, strategy and experience.

Ship NFT’s consists of 4 different ships with 5 rarities. Higher rarity can be obtained by blending 4 cards of same type.

There are also in-game supplies that can be used such us foods, sails, cannonballs and rudders. You can purchase these via marketplace in the game.



The game uses token called DOUBLOON. There are 1 billion total supply but the game will not release them all at once. Instead, they will release it gradually over 5 years period to sustain the game.



Game is schedule to launch end of February 2022. PVE game will be released to all players with ship and NFT’s. On 2nd quarter of this year, they plan to start land sale with ownership characters.



Team members are base in Turkey. See their details below:

Furkan – Development Team Lead
Faruk – Art and Design Director
Taylan – Community and Brand Manager
Yusuf – Marketing Coordinator



For complete game details and whitepaper, visit LOST SAILORS WEBSITE

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