lost kingdom of tsara

Lost Kingdom of T’Sara is a free play to earn game. The game is about resources gathering in the LKoT islands, where you can convert these resources into an NFT you can use in Aftermath Islands Metaverse.



lkot gameplay

There is a total of 7 islands to venture into the game: Green Garden, Lost Cove, Orchard Glen, Jasper Glade, Wooded Vale, Stone Valley, and Ironhand Mountain. The whole Kingdom has dense forests, beaches, snow-capped mountains, great plains, underground caverns, deserts, and other areas that are ideal for all types of gathering. There are also lots of fish in the rivers and streams for fishing.

The goal is to hire minions or workers to gather raw resources on these islands. You can hire them in-game and upgrade to 7 levels to increase their harvest yield.

At the start of the game, you’ll get 1 island to start gathering resources. As you progress, you can expand to other islands by purchasing access passes to them. The price increases as you unlock new islands. This is the same with other costs like minions and upgrades. It’s getting more and more expensive as you expand your dominion.

Each island consists of 3 buildings. Tavern is where the minions or workers are hired or upgraded. Resource Storage Building on the top left is where raw resources are stored after harvest. You can upgrade the building using COCONUT token to increase the storage capacity. Resource Processing Facility on the top right is where resources are sold to get COCONUT. The building can also be upgraded to increase production yield and capacity.

As you play the game and accumulate resources, you can opt to sell them for COCONUTS or save them and convert them for resource pack NFT’s. Each island has unique resources and each NFT requires a certain number of raw resources before you can convert. Once eligible for conversion, GET NFT button will appear. The minted NFT will be transferred to your linked wax wallet.



lkot currency

The game currencies are COCONUTS and GOLDEN COCONUTS. They are not tradeable and can only be used in the game.

COCONUTS are basically earned by selling harvested resources. You can use coconuts for upgrades and buy minions or workers.

GOLDEN COCONUTS can be earned thru daily rewards, achievement, and by hunting birds. You can use this token to buy upgrades and temporary boosts for the whole island.

Take note of the FLYING BIRDS. Tap them to get extra COCONUTS!



lkot islands

You will need a WAX wallet for the game. In case you don’t have one yet, CLICK HERE.

You also need  Meta Park Pass which can be obtained by downloading the Liquid Avatar App.

For Apple users, DOWNLOAD HERE in Apple Store.
For Android users, DOWNLOAD HERE in Google Play.

Once settled, you can now visit LKoT  to play.  At initial visit, you will be asked to register before you can proceed to play the game.



Aftermath Islands is celebrating the amazing milestone of LKoT players generating over 1,000,000 Resource Pack NFTs in its first 100 days!

To celebrate the milestone, they are giving away LAND and Surprise giveaways.

CLICK HERE to know more about the program and how to participate in the giveaway.



aftermath islands metaverse

Aftermath Islands metaverse project is a massive multi-player game environment with amazing graphics and free to play and earn gaming concept. It consists of theme-based islands, communities, and estates where players can interact and own virtually.

It is not a crypto project, but it uses blockchain to manage inventories and create a suitable environment for everyone to play.

The game offers players a fun and exciting opportunity to acquire their very own Virtual Land. Each type of Aftermath Island has its own properties, rules, and adventures. They are also working to create an environment where players will be able to craft, trade and sell items.

BETA BUILD is currently live. You can create your account, interact and explore the metaverse. TRY BETA HERE

If you are ready to join the metaverse, you can buy virtual land HERE.

aftermath islands buy virtual


Be sure to check the Aftermath Islands official website for complete details and more information.



Here are the links to Aftermath Islands’ social channels:

Discord: https://discord.gg/aftermathislands
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aftermathislands/
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/Aftermathisland
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AftermathIslands
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/AftermathIslands
Telegram: https://t.me/AftermathIslands
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@aftermathislands



Aftermath Islands founders and team are well-experienced in the industry. Here’s the list from their website.

David Lucatch – Co-Founder Managing Director
Dinko Dinkov – Co Founder Managing Director
Robert P. Cole – Head of Production, Gaming and Technology
Craig McCannell – Chief Financial Officer
Lynn Cumiskey – Chief Compliance Officer
Cara Buckspan – Marketing Manager
James Bade – Creative Lead Designer
Mariano Nicieza – Creative Director
Fabian Nicieza – Storyworld Developer
Gordon Purcell – Pencil Artist
Anwar Hanano – Colorist
Kirstine Danica Lim – Colorist
Laura Martin – Colorist
Richard Johnson– Colorist
Walter Figueroa – Pencil Artist


For their complete profile, visit the TEAM page on the Aftermath Islands site.

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