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The game is about mining resources with these 3 factors: race, land and tools. There are 3 races to choose from: Human, Sevar and Alvar. You can choose any as this the game resources are balance in the game. Land for now is free upon joining. They only thing you need to buy are tools.


HUMANS tools can mine food, but need energy and crystal to mine.
SEVARS tools can mine crystal, but need food and energy to mine.
ALVARS tools can mine energy, but need food and crystal to mine.

The game can support up to 3 tools for now, another 2 for amulet. Disregard amulet for now, as it’s not necessary to have. You can play the game by having at least 1 tool. You can buy the tools from ATOMIC HUB website. There are 4 rarities: common, rare, epic and legendary. As with other games, the higher the rarity, the higher the reward. Same with the price, it increases as rarity increase.

If you have limited budget, you can start with common tool. As of today, it costs around $25 each. Take note that prices fluctuates.

In buying tools, you have to take note to buy the tools used by the race that you choose. DO NOT BUY tools that are not useable by your chosen race. If you take a look at the card, the upper right corner shows you what minerals it can mine, while the upper left corner shows you what race this tool can support.

HUMANS logo looks like a globe with stars, while the resources they mine logo is a fried chicken leg.
SEVARS logo is a sword, while the resources they mine logo is a blue crystal.
ALVARS logo looks like a V with inverted moon in background, while the resources they mine logo is a yellow lightning.

It is better to buy tools first in AH to get the cheapest one than creating account and choosing race first. Once you chose your race, you cannot change it for now. In future you can do this but with a fee.


To better guide you on which tools to use, the game has calculator where you can play to generate the potential income base on your tools combination. Check it here GOLDMAND GAME CALCULATOR.

In the calculator, just choose your race then planet then land. For land, choose the RARE only as legendary is currently disabled and you can use only if you have legendary tool. Next you have to fillup the RESOURCES IN WAX portion, base on resources trading price in Alcor Exchange.

There are 4 tokens used in the game: GMD (main token), GME (energy), GMM (crystal) and GMF (food). Click each token to visit Alcor and check their price. As of this writing, their current prices are : 1 GMD = 5.22 wax, 1 GME = 1.55 wax, 1 GMF = 1.57 wax, 1 GMM = 1.5 wax

After setting the resources portion, go to tools section. Here you can select up to 3 tools. Choose which do you prefer or which tool you have to use in the game. Click CALCULATE button and it will show you approximate earnings you have. Tick the WAX toggle to show earnings in wax. This will help you decide which tools to use.




Once you have your game tools, go to GOLDMAND PLAY website to create your account. It will ask you to keyin your desired username and email address. Then select your server, choose the first one or any of the server on the list.

Next step is to choose your RACE, PLANET and LAND as shown below. Make sure you select the right race for your tools.

At start, if you go to INVENTORY, there are 2 tabs: IN GAME and WALLET. All your tools are in wallet. You have to select it and choose the option TRANSFER TO GAME. If you want to remove from game, same procedure, just choose REMOVE FROM GAME. Once you can see your tools in your IN GAME inventory, then you can proceed with next step.

Proceed to MINING HUB tab. The first 3 slot are for your tools. However, only the 1st slot is free to use. Just click PLUS sign and select your tool. For the 2nd and 3rd slot, you need to pay to be able to use it. The 2nd slot costs 30 resources, 3rd slots costs 70 resources. You need to use your resources. If you are human, use GMF. If you are sevar, use GMM. If you are alvars, use GME. On the upper right, those are resources in your wallet.

On the middle shows SUPPLY CENTER. These are your ingame resources. Take note that to be able to mine, you need to consume the other 2 resources. For example, if you are human mining food, you need energy and crystal to consume. Consumption data is listed on upper left. So to start mining, you need to purchase resources as capital. Try to buy at least 20 resources you need to start the game, or depending on your needs. To add resources in game, you just need to click PLUS sign in the supply center and follow the popup guide. To withdraw resources from ingame to your wallet, just click the MINUS sign. Take note that only resources in wallet can be traded in ALCOR EXCHANGE.

On the right side opposite consumption, you will see the mining time. This is the required time to finish mining and earn from the game.

Once everything is set, just click START MINING. You will see that the resources are automatically added to your supply center. You just need to wait for the timer to end and start mining again.

Right now, try to choose ALVARS race as there are less players and their resources GME is higher compare to other 2 races. ROI varies depending in tools but a 3 common would give you average 50 wax a day base on current prices.

Since this is a WAX game, it needs you to have CPU, NET and RAM staked to be able to play the game. Probably min 50 wax staked for CPU is best. Or you can just rent CPU online!


If you have more questions, comment below!

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