It is a match-3 deck building NFT play to earn strategy puzzle game. It features free to play, create to earn and complete to earn with PVE, PVP and tournaments.

Himo World is being developed by Kaopiz Software and Gamefox Studio. Both are Vietname based companies.

The game will be available in web and mobile version.



Core of the game is a turn based Match 3 game where players has control of the board and can influence others board to win the game. Players have to be strategic in able to win the game, by placing their heroes in the board. They need to defeat the opponent to win the in-game token.

There will be 4 types of heroes in the game corresponding to gem colors: red, yellow, green and blue. Each player can choose one in every battle. Heroes have specific skills useful in the game.

Heroes are NFT cards that can be traded in the game.



$HIMO is the game token with contract address 0x469aCf8e1F29C1B5Db99394582464Fad45A1fC6F. It was just publicly listed today, January 24. You can buy it in Pancake Swap.

Total token supply is at 500,000,000. It was allocated at Seed Sale (3.5%), Private Sale (9%), Public Sale (2.5%), Team and Advisors (20%), Staking Reward (10%), Community and Marketing (21.5%), Reserves (11.5%), Play to Earn Reward (20%) and DEX liquidity (2%).



Game is scheduled to launch on March 2022. Token and Hero Genesis event as well as marketplace are set to launch this January.



Dat Duong is the Co-Founder/CEO. He has more than 10 years of experience in game development.
Quan Vu is the Co-Founder/CTO with also more than 10 years of experience in the industry.
Long ‘maba’ Le – Co-Founder/CPO with 8 years of experience.

Vu Nguyen – Co-Founder/CMO

Eric Su – Advisor.

All of them are based in Vietnam.


For more details of the game, visit HIMO WORLD WEBSITE.

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