HEROES OF ARCAN is an upcoming play to earn game in wax blockchain. The virtual world is in chaos. Survivors have to choose faction, discover the remnants and survive at all cost. The game aims to be fun to play, tradeable NFT cards and astonishing graphics.


To start with, players have to choose faction to fight for: THE WISERS, THE CONQUERORS and THE PREACHERS.

WISERS produce gold, they are the one who holds the wisdom. They are the mage, paladin and priest. They use magic weapon like stick, scepter, etc.
CONQUERORS produce food, they are the warriors of the land. They are the warriors, hunters and monks. They use various weapons like axes, sword and hammer.
PREACHERS produce wood, they are the politicians and master manipulator. They are the demonist, shaman and druid. They use weapons such as books, sword and magic as well.

After choosing your faction, you have to equip your characters with specific tools to mine resources.

Gold mining of WISERS faction uses sieve, pickaxe and sluice.
Wood mining of PREACHERS faction uses axe, saw and chainsaw.
Food mining of CONQUERORS faction users trap, bow and rifle.

Quantity of resources mined depend on each tools as they vary from low to high in yield.

After mining, players are rewarded with ingame resources which they can sell afterwards. Players energy and durability also decreases every mining and requires repair once depleted. Resources are needed to buy energy and durability to start mining again.

Each player will have 3 hero slots they can use and an extra reserve slot for upgrade. These hero’s will be used to do missions, quests and mining.



Heroes are NFT cards that can be traded within the game marketplace. They can be either of the 3 factions.

Chests are game NFT’s that you can access up to 3 per day and gives you random game items.

Potions and enchantments are ingame items that enhance various character performance in the game.

Buldings are NFT cards that give the players various attributes in the game. These includes town hall, barracks, keep, castle, marketplace, shop, laboratory, etc.

There are also 10,000 lands NFT’s in the Arcan universe. At start, all players can use the standard land for free. For more land, players have to option to buy the NFT lands. They can use the land or rent it out to other players for passive income. A share of the mining resources will be given to the land owners.



There are 2 tokens in the ARCAN UNIVERSE: $ARCAN and $ARCS. They are used for ingame purchase, crafting tools, buying chests and DAO.

$ARCAN is the primary and governance token. Private sale is set before the game release. Whitelist players have priority to buy the token at early initial prices.

During Round 1 token sale, it is priced at $0.25 per $ARCAN with 4 million tokens for sale.
During Round 2 token sale, it is priced at $0.35 per $ARCAN with 4.285 million tokens for sale.
During Round 3 token sale, it is priced at $0.50 per $ARCAN with 4.214 million tokens for sale.

Public listing will follow afterwards, with price target above $0.70 per $ARCAN token.

Payment method accepted is any of these crypto: ETH, BNB, BTC, USDT and USDC coins.

Aside from these 2 main tokens, the game also have resources tokens namely gold, wood and food.



Chapter 1 of the game is set to launch this 2nd quarter of 2022. Prior to that are the drop sales, marketing and whitelisting in both Atomic Hub and Neftyblocks for sales. No exact date as to when it is, everything is in progress. In future, they plan to release the mobile version of the game to support mobile nft gamers.



There are no details as to where the company is setup or where are the teams. However, by clicking on their LINKEDIN profiles, most of the faction leaders are French. It is safe to assume that this is a project created in France.

Names and details of team members and partners can be found on their site. Below their Arcan avatars, there are linked of their personal twitter and linked account for your reference if you want to do further research.

There are 4 faction leaders listed in the site.

THOMAS as the Guild Leader, a digital marketing entrepreneur.
ISABELLE as the Bewitcher, currently the COO.
FABIEN as the Druid, lots of years in a crypto projects.
LAURENT as the Craftman, an experienced artist.



To know more about the game, visit HEROES OF ARCAN website and join their discord group for updates.

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