Goldmand is a new wax blockchain play to earn game, where players can play and earn crypto as rewards. The game is developed by FANTASY NFT LIMITED, a company base in the UK.



Players have the role of a miner crafting tools, mining on lands and creating armies for PVP in the game.

At start, you need to choose your race among the 3: Humans, Alvars and Sevars . Each of these races mine specific resources players can trade in the marketplace. You can change races in the game, but with a fee.

There are 3 types of game NFT you need to play the game: characters, lands and items.


There are 3 resources that we can mine in the game: GMF-food, GMM-minerals and GME-energy.

In choosing land, it’s best to choose a land that belong to each races to have added benefits and bonuses. Else, you lose the extra benefits.

Humans planet is Earth. Alvars planet is Treon. Sevars planet is Vion. Humans produce food in mining, but consumes energy and crystal. Alvars produces energy in mining but consumes food and crystals. Vions produces crystals but consumes energy and food.

Presale and drops are schedule for today, Jan 31. Else, you can buy those NFT’s in Atomic Hub.



Game token is called GMD which can be traded in BSC and PancakeSwap. Aside from that, there are also 3 ingame tokens: GME, GMM and GMF that can be traded via ALCOR EXCHANGE.



Drop sale is today, January 31 followed by the game launched the next day. It’s still early for the game, check it out. It’s pretty hyped in the AH considering the prices of their whitelist passes for the sale.



The team composed of 7 people with various experiences in game development. They have been in the industry and has worked in the few large companies to gain their experience in game development, design and digital marketing. The CEO is Viktor Zahov and the company is base in London England.


To know more about the game, visit their site GOLDMAND WEBSITE

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