Travel thru space and search for a galaxy to mine! GALAXY MINERS is the new upcoming game in wax blockchain. It is play to earn where players have to mine resources, craft new tools, blend and earn by exchanging in-game tokens to wax currency.



To start playing the game, you need at least 1 NFT for mining. Each NFT mine specific resources and yield varies according the the rarity. There are 4 types of rarity: common, uncommon, rare and epic. The higher the more resources it can mine. You can stake and use up to 8 tools only.

Mining can be done hourly. But they will release option to make it longer and mine more.

There will also be crafting options in the game. You will use any of the 2 tokens of various quantity to craft items.

Other upcoming features includes blending function and time traveler function.



There are 3 tokens in the game: Asteroid (GMA), Oxygen (GMO) and Plasma (GMP). All can be traded via ALCOR EXCHANGE.

Asteroid token is used in crafting new tools.
Oxygen token is used to refill your tool energy.
Plasma token is used to repair and craft new tools.

There will be a total of 1200 plasma packs, 1000 asteroid packs and 600 oxygen packs in the upcoming sale. Only this resources will be sold in the game, rest will be via mining.



The game is set to launch this March 19. Tool sale is already done, but the token sale will took place this 10th of March. To participate, you need either the galaxy key for WL1 or any 1 NFT for WL2. More details can be found on their discord account. To buy tools, check their ATOMIC HUB list.



Base on the website, developers company is base in Sweden. Their CEO is Colin Skaglund.


For more details about the game, you can visit GALAXY MINERS WEBSITE.

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