FISHING WORLD is another fishing and mining play to earn game in wax blockchain. This is not the first game on such genre, but they promise to have a balanced economy and a good P2E format to entice more gamers.

FISHING WORLD Play to Earn Game

To play the game, you need to have a WAX wallet address. In case you don’t have, go to this link and create one CREATE WALLET ACCOUNT.

Once you have the account, you now need to have the game NFT’s.

Game NFT’s

There are basically 4 game NFT’s: land, fishing rod, bait and mining tools. There is no schedule yet for presale, but it will take place this 2nd quarter before the game. In future you can get this item via Atomic Hub marketplace. The game also have craft options where you can use game resources to create NFT of your choosing. Like the other games, these NFT’s will varies in rarities to vary the mining power.

LAND. Owning a land will give players ability to earn FISH tokens. The NFT’s will have varied rarities from common, uncommon, rare, epic and legendary. There are only 100 land NFT’s in the game and it will be sold as pack with random contents.

FISHING ROD. Owning a fishing rod will give players ability to earn FISH tokens. Same with land, there are 5 rod rarities namely common, uncommon, rare, epic and legendary. During fishing, energy is consumed. Amount of fish resources caught while fishing varies depending on the rod rarities. The higher the rarity, the higher the number of fish it can get during fishing.

BAIT. Owning a bait will give players ability to earn fish token as well. It also comes with same rarities to yield better result during fishing activity.

There are 2 kinds of bait ingame: Fake Bait and Fishing Bait. Fake bait can be used several times while the fishing bait is consumable and not an actual NFT.

MINING TOOLS. Owning mining tools will give players ability to earn resources token. These NFT items includes:

Ancient Wooden Ax
Ancient Rudimentary Iron
Genuine Iron
Rudimentary Iron Shovel
Good Iron Shovel
Super Excavator

The game opt to develop a balance economy with real life items to create the best possible game in the market.



The game will use 3 ingame tokens: FSF (fishing fish), FSR (fishing resource) and FSP (fishing power). All these tokens will be listed and tradeable via ALCOR EXCHANGE.

FSF tokens are earned via fishing.
FSR tokens are earned via mining resources.
FSP tokens are earned via producing electricity in game.

Players will be rewarded in any of these tokens for any game activities performed. Not much details yet as to how much and what rewards to get during game play. To keep updated, join the game discord group where developers are active giving details and answering queries.


As per game roadmap, the game is expected to launch on 2nd quarter of 2022. Prior to launching, the game will be in full development mode for the NFT design, smart contract, token listings, pre sales and marketing. This is to ensure the full potential of the game and to reach as many players as they can.



There are no details in the website about the team and partners. It’s still early and perhaps they will update the website once they are ready. Verification in Atomic Hub for whitelisting needs them to submit a lot of details for doxxing. It’s best to wait for these details before playing the game.


To know more about the game, do visit FISHING WORLD website and join their discord group for latest update.

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