FISHING VERSE is another upcoming fishing game in wax network. It is play to earn to give players maximum satisfaction while playing. The game will provide online fishing pleasure with the use of various game NFT’s that they can buy, sell and trade thru the marketplace.



Play to Earn

To start the game, players need at least a bucket and a fishing tool. These can be purchase in bundle, prior to game launch pre sale. Else, they will be available via marketplace.

The game is basically about fishing. The reward is the ingame token called FISH. As player progresses, they earn XP which they can use for NFT upgrades for better performance.

Rarities of the tools dictates the amount of rewards players can catch fish and earn rewards.

As the tools are used, it reduces durability which needs to be repaired afterwards. Once repaired, only then players can resume fishing. At start, a tool will have 120 energy and will recharge 5 every 1 hour. Each tool use consume 5 points.

Fish caught also comes in various rarity level. The higher rarity, the higher the token rewards for players.

If you own a bucket NFT, it helps to increase energy regeneration faster.

Players can own multiple tool if they want. With multiple tools, they can fish more and earn more rewards.


To earn more passively, you can stake game NFT’s to earn $FISH tokens.


As you fish and gain more XP, you can use these to upgrade your game NFT’s to get better profits in fishing game.


There are also monthly events that will be held to have a chance to earn more rewards.



There are basically 5 NFT items in the game: buckets, fishing rods, fishing nets, harpoons and land.

Except from land, all comes in various rarities such as wooden, iron and golden. The higher the rarity, the higher the fishing performance in the game.

There are other factors that governs the various NFT’s base on rarities. See below table for more information about it.

Land is an exclusive game NFT in Fishing Verse. As land owners, they are entitled for a percentage of share from the fish and rewards other players can get in their land. There’s also an exclusive monthly draw only for them. There are 3 types of land: small, medium and big.



The game will use single token called FISH. There will be a total 100 million supplies. As players play the game, FISH token will be the rewards.

The token will will also be used for upgrading characters and tools and staking rewards.

See below for tokenomics.



As per game roadmap, version 1 will launch this month. They just recently received Atomic Hub whitelisting, NFT presale will follow soon prior to launch.

See below for game roadmap as posted on their website.



The game developer is OZ CORP, a company based in Turkey. They listed company address as below:

A. Faruk OZ, 4/3 529th St.
Bagcilar, Istanbul 34200 Turkey

There are no details about the team members. Always do your own diligence before investing any money.



To know more about the game, visit FISHING VERSE website and join their discord group for latest updates.

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