FISHING LANDS is the new play to earn fishing game in WAX network. As players, we will assume the role of fisherman using rods to fish our way to get game rewards. Rewards are game tokens which can be exchanged to real money.

The goal is really simple, go out and fish!



To start the game, player needs to have at least 1 fishing rod tool and a game character. It can be bought from marketplace like NEFTY or ATOMIC HUB. It can also be crafted in-game.

At start, all players will get free rewards of 24 common baits. Once all used, they can get these from the marketplace.

Fishers can choose on which location they can fish in the game.

Each fishing rod has full 120 energy at start. Fishing depletes this energy and have to wait 12 hours before it can be repaired or unstaked.

Players have option to change tools by removing it in-game. However, if the tools is damaged, token repair cost will be deducted on the player wallet. There is a 12 hours cool down before a player can sell this NFT in the marketplace.



Players can craft tools in-game. To do this, they need to have 3 materials: stick, reel and line. They can purchase these tools using in-game tokens. These materials also have the rarities from common to mythical. The higher the rarities, the more expensive the material costs is.

Common Stick costs 200 FSLF and 200 FSLS. Common Reel costs 120 FSLF and 120 FSLS. Common Line costs 40 FSLF and 40 FSLS.

Rare Stick costs 480 FSLF and 480 FSLS. Rare Reel costs 360 FSLF and 360 FSLS. Rare Line costs 120 FSLF and 120 FSLS.

Legend Stick costs 1440 FSLF and 1440 FSLS. Legend Reel costs 1080 FSLF and 1080 FSLS. Legend Line costs 360 FSLF and 360 FSLS.

Mythical Stick costs 9720 FSLF and 9720 FSLS. Mythical Reel costs 3240 FSLF and 3240 FSLS. Mythical Line costs 1080 FSLF and 1080 FSLS.

Crafting costs increase as more NFT items are crafted in-game. They double every 50,000 items crafted.

At 0 to 50,000 fishing rods crafted, pay basic costs.
At 50,000 to 100,000 fishing rods crated, pay 2 times basic costs.
At 100,000 to 150,000 fishing rods crafted, pay 4 times basic costs.
At 150,000 to 200,000 fishing rods crafted, pay 6 times basic costs.

Player can craft 1 tool each day with different rarities from common to mythical.

At day 1, player can only craft common fishing rod.
At day 2, players can only craft rare fishing rod.
At day 3, players can only craft legend fishing rod.
At day 4, players can only craft mythical fishing rod.

These sequence needs to be followed daily.





To start with, you need to get game character: FISHER. The game has one NFT called BABYBOY (FISHER).


There are 4 rarities in the fishing tools: common, rare, legend and mythical. The higher the rarity, the higher the chance to get more resources and rewards.


To increase chance of fishing, players can use bait. There are 2 types of it: common and rare. It increases the odds of luck to get higher resources and rewards.


No details yet on the land.



There are 2 game tokens available: FSLF and FSLS

Fishing Lands Fish (FSLF) with infinite supply. This will be used to craft and repair equipments. It can be found via fishing rod.
Fishing Lands Steel (FSLS) with infinity supply. This will be used to craft and repair equipments. It cane be found via steel rod.

These tokens can be obtained as game rewards by playing. They will be tradeable in ALCOR EXCHANGE upon game launch.

Players can deposit tokens for in-game use without any taxes. Withdrawal however is taxed at 5%. After withdraw, it will be at random 6% to 10% for the next 12 hours.



The game is already whitelisted in Atomic Hub. As per their roadmap, the game is already in PHASE 2 of the development till the public sale. PHASE 3 includes the game launch but no specific dates stated on it.

Keep posted on their website or discord group.



The game is developed by PRIVATE CODING COMPANY LIMITED which is based in Thailand. Their office address is at:

Pahonyothin 54/1 Yaek 4-47, Saimai Bangkok, 10220 Thailand


On the game whitepaper, they listed Mr. CHATCHAI as the system analyst / social marketing and Ms. KITTIYAPON as graphic design in-charge.



To know more about the game, visit FISHING LANDS website for more details.

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