FARM FINANCE is the new farming play to earn game in the BSC blockchain. The game is inspired by a famous farming game several years ago, ZING ME. With the game feature, we can earn token via farming and owning a piece of land.



To be able to play, we need NFT plant. At start, we will be give 10 free land plots to plant. We have option to increase another 5 but we need to pay with FFT. Players need to buy seed via marketplace or ingame shop. They can choose SEEDBOX NORMAL for 1000 FFT or SEEDBOX RARE for 3000 FFT.


Each box contains random seeds that when planted and harvested, give players cFFT rewards token. Available seeds are corn, coffee, litchi, rice and mango. Each varies time to harvest and rewards. It usually takes 24 hrs to harvest.

Each plants also contains various type of genes that give unique power like abilities to the game. Some examples of genes like plant no need to water, no need to use pesticide and other things.

Taking care of plants needs water and pesticide in the event of worm infestation. Players need to buy water and pesticide in the shop to use in the game.

Daily quest will also be available to earn extra FFT tokens. You can visit neighbors farm and do some task like watering and removing worm.

There’s a marketplace where you can buy and sell plants.



There are 2 tokens to be use in the game: $FFT and cFFT. FFT is the main currency, while cFFT is the ingame token used in all game transactions. The 2 tokens can be traded 1=1 via the game marketplace.

Total FFT supply is at 200,000,000. You can buy the token in pancake swap with contract address 0xf205cec3ffc4c4974ac773d9b3f59f8e8501d5cf

Out of this 200 million supply, the token is allocated as: 10% staking, 2.5% liquidity pool, 7% marketing, 1% airdrop, 10% partner, 5% developer, 49.5% play to earn rewards and 15% token sale.



The game will launch this January 28, with play to earn features.



Team members are based in Vietnam. They are as follows:

Khang Lam – CEO and Founder
Garrett Phuc – Co-Founder
Tien Nguyen – Game Developer
Santi Tran – Graphic Designer
Tuan Dang – Full Developer


To know more about the game, visit FARM FINANCE WEBSITE

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