FABLES OF FYRA is an upcoming free to play game with play to earn economy, built in VulcanForged platform. Players can explore, craft, breed and farm in the game to earn rewards. The game is in Polygon network.

The game is set in a virtual world of the Fyra Oyer Ecosystem, home to dragons and other characters. It is full of adventures and opportunities to earn crypto while playing the game. The player owned economy controls the game where they can easily trade game resources and NFT’s.



The first stage of the game is called THE AWAKENING. It is a single player RPG game set in Fables of Fyra universe. Game features includes quests, farming, crafting and exploring.
To start the game, you need at least 1 dragon, either free or NFT dragons. They are tasks to rebuild the land after a major disaster, left only 1 dragon in the world. Player needs to strategize on how to grow in the game to arrive in various outcomes.

Playing the game is free to all. However, to join the play to earn features, you need an NFT dragon purchased from the marketplace. Free players can roam and access the whole kingdom with quests and adventures.



Seeds can be planted to grow crops like cabbage or turnips or even trees. Each has its own grow time and can be harvested once mature. For big farms, player can recruit other players to lend a hand in the farm.


Players can craft items like tools, food, clothes and buildings. They need to collect materials needed and have the required skills to research recipe needed for crafting.


As players explore, they’ll find rivers, streams and lakes full of fish and other creatures. Fishing is one of the game adventures. Treasures like gold and other useful items can also be forage along the way.


Players gain experience by playing the game and performing tasks. As they gain more experience, certain level is unlocked for higher level of skills needed to perform other tasks. Those with higher skills can only craft higher level items in the game.

Players level of skills are:

Untrained – 100 skill level
Beginner – 500 skill level
Experienced – 12,500 skill level
Master – 125,000
Grandmaster -2,500,000 skill level



While exploring, players can encounter various quests to earn items, gold and other game rewards. It’s optional to do quests, but it is necessary in the game. There are STAND ALONE QUESTS where player complete the quests open to all players. There’s also NON-INTERACTABLE QUESTS where players can track progress via game map. By completing it, players also progress via the events based quests. QUESTLINE QUESTS on the other hand, follows the game storyline and may consists of few quests to attain. This could be upgrading skill, crafting something or unlocking areas.


To breed dragons, male and female dragons are needed. Each NFT dragons can only breed 1 time. Player need to raise their dragon to maturity to qualify for breeding, at level 75 or higher. Baby dragons will inherit parents attributes and elements randomly.

To get better odds, the game offers JUNI leaves for breeding use. There’s pink leaves to get female dragon and blue leaves for male dragon. Using two leaves will guarantee twin offspring.



There are basically 3 NFT types in the game: LAND, DRAGONS and other ITEMS.

NFT LAND is an important item item in the game to earn more in the game. Landowners can rent their land for other players to do quests. In return, they get rewarded with gold. Lands have rarities base on it’s class from 1 to 5.

NFT DRAGONS are the most important item in the game. There free and NFT dragons to choose from. They are needed in quests and adventures in the game. The only difference is that the free dragons are not entitled for play to earn features. Dragons can be purchased via game marketplace.

Each dragons have their unique trains and elements. Elements are either vatten, dreka, eldur and klaki. Trait includes strong, smart, quick, charming, perspective, creative, thrifty and wise. Free dragons do not have these traits and elements.

NFT ITEMS are game items that can be crafted, purchased or get as rewards. It can be tools, clothes and other similar items needed in the game.



There are 2 tokens in the game: $CAVE and $BAAH.

$BAAH token is the governance token. It will be used for staking and holder status, where players holding the tokens will have unique role in the Fyra ecosystem. Staking also increases in-game earnings and access to some game features.

$CAVE token is the game currency. The token can be mined in-game and rewards. It will be used for all game transactions and fees in marketplace. It is an ERC20 token in Polygon blockchain. Daily token earned is based on various factors such as daily mining allotment, competition, NFT dragons assigned to the land and NFT land level and NFT additions.



As per game roadmap, the game is schedule to launch publicly this 18th of MAY 2022. Prior to launch, whitelisting and presale will took place.

More coming, refer to game roadmap for details.



Here’s the details of the team as listed on the website. Name is not complete, pictures are avatars and no company details, so always DYOR.


He’s the founder and CEO of Invisible Goat Studios LLC, also a long standing member of Vulcan Forge community.


A serial entrepreneur and experienced businessman with over 15 years of business operations experience.


A seasoned game developer and architect, with more than 30 years of experience. He is the lead game designer of the game.


She is the head of marketing to promote teh game to the world. She has more than 10 years of experience in media agencies in the US.

R. AUGUST – Lead Writer & Director of Narrative Design

He is the driving force behind the lore of Fables of Fyra.

JED – Regional Advisor

He has over two decades of experience in helping startup companies. He has successful career in e-commerce industry serving MNC’s.


To know more about the game, visit FABLES OF FYRA website for more details.

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