DONELY is a free to play and play to earn crypto game in binance blockchain. The game target users that wants to play the game for free and those crypto players who wanted to earn while playing. Crypto players have the chance to own digital assets and collect ingame tokens for rewards.

DONELY – Free to play Crypto NFT Game

The game is set in an imaginary world where animals live and behave like humans. They are hardworking and creative residents of the planet. Due to it’s success, evil forces from neighboring planets wants to invade them.

Residents of the planet are called DONIAN. To play the game, player have to choose any of below occupations:

FARMER They grow and produces fruits and vegetables.
RANCHER They breed and take care of livestock and poultry.
ANGLER They breed aquatic animals for as their produce.
WOODCUTTER They take care of forest and trees.
GARDENER They cultivates the land for flowers, herbs and fruits.
MINER They mine the planet for precious resources. Sometimes they also hunt wild animals for food.

Game activities revolves around these occupations. Each job can advance up to 3 stages and specialize in a certain product. Players are rewarded with ingame tokens depending on their progress.

The game is designed to be fun to play with a good economic to make it last.



There are few ingame NFT’s players can collect digitally. All of these can be used ingame. These are station and buildings. Station is used to create products. Buildings can be classified as field, cage and storage. Field grow crops, cage for raising animals and storage for storing produce.

These are the initial NFT’s of the game. In future they will add new functions and NFT’s for farming and battling mode.

At presale, player will be able to purchase the CRATE. They are NFT’s that contains various items needed to play the game. Crates are priced starting at $50 each and can only be purchased using $DOB token. Whitelist users have the priority to buy first when they are available. There are limited number of crates and classified in 5 types.

Wooden crate costs $50 worth of $DOB token.
Bronze crate costs $100 worth of $DOB token.
Steel crate costs $200 worth of $DOB token.
Gold crate costs $400 worth of $DOB token.

Whitelist crate costs $150 worth of $DOB token, but are limited to to 1000 pcs only.

Crates varies in rarity from 1 star to 5 star which are randomly distributed upon buying the crate.



The game has 3 tokens: $DOB, $DOD and $PUG.

$DOB (donely biscuit) is the governance and staking token, with contract address 0x8bcFB450093466ea1f77E4432B06846600A47734. Private sale is already done recently and public sale will be in few days. This token will be used to buy ingame NFT’s in the marketplace and fees for repair. They can also stake the token to earn more tokens.

$DOD (dog diamond) token is the ingame rewards token for players who bought NFT. It is also used to upgrade game NFT’s.

$PUG (pup gold) is the game bonus token for players. It can also be used for ingame purchases, game transactions and ingame rewards for all activities.



The game is scheduled to launch this 2nd quarter, most likely this April. They already have their whitelist token presale and public sale schedule in few days. Crate is also on schdule for sale this month. They also plan to release the game in both IOS and Android in the future. For the game launch, it will only be available via PC browser.



The team is based in Vietnam, all the management and staff are Vietnamese. They their faces displayed in the website, all doxxed. Their CPO is Dang Chu and Thuan Nguyen as their CTO. See below for the team members.


To know more about the game, visit DONELY website for more information.

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