DINO UNIVERSE is an upcoming P2E game in the WAX blockchain. It features an innovative economic system base on the animal food chain and NFT killing mechanic system, where NFTs can eat other NFTs.

The goal is to collect and earn tokens while playing and raising dinosaurs in the WAX blockchain.


LIFE CYCLE is the basic game flow of Dino Universe. Each has a unique purpose and lifetime in the game. It’s a process to create and blend into the next cycle to help control NFT inflation.

dino lifecycle

1. Birth – Eggs. To get eggs, you need to blend fossils of the same dinosaur plus a DNA token fee.
2. Growth – Baby Dino. They can be fed only and get tokens in return. They cannot participate in another game mode unless it become an adult. You can hatch them from the egg, and feed them to grow.
3. Adulthood – Adult Dino. They can be fed also to get token rewards. To get an adult dinos, you need to grow baby dinos in the lab. Only this dino can participate in various game modes like farming, exploration, and dungeons. After some time, they eventually die and become fossils when their life points reach 0.
4. Death – Fossil. This is the last part of the cycle, for both plants and dinosaurs. You can reuse them by blending 3 of the same kinds to get an egg or seed for the plant.



The game offers various game modes for players.


FARMING is the basic mode in the game. Each plant and dino NFTs produces tokens as they farm.

The process of obtaining game tokens will be like the food chain cycle.

🌳 Plants: Consume bone (DUB )+ (DUW) and produce Plants (DUP)
🦕 Herbivorous dinosaurs: Consume Plants (DUP) + (DUW) and produce Meat (DUM)
🦖 Carnivorous dinosaurs: Consume Meat (DUM) + (DUW) and produce bone (DUB )

At the same time, every part of the chain will need to consume Water (DUW)

💧WATER Tokens (DUW): Can be obtained through the exploration mode.

Users will be able to use the farming mode every 12 hours, but 24 hours with the use of additional tools/NFTs




In this mode, players can send their dino to various lands to explore. As a reward, players will get 💧WATER Tokens (DUW) tokens. The higher the level of the mission, the higher the rewards.

Herbivore dinosaurs have higher exploration points in this mode.




In dungeon mode, players can send their dino to fight using their attack attributes.  As rewards, players can find fossils. The higher the level of the mission, the higher rarity of the fossils they can possibly get.

Carnivorous dinosaurs dominate this mode.




This is where BLENDING  and UPGRADING of NFTs happen.

By BLENDING, players can get:

🪺 Eggs – Get a dinosaur egg after blending 3-2 or 1 fossil of the same type of dinosaur.
🌱 Seeds – Get a seed after blending 3-2 or 1 fossil of the same type of plant.

By UPGRADING, players can get:

🏝 Land Plots – Upgrade your land to get land with more slots
🐣 Baby dinos – Get a baby dino after hatching an egg
🦖 Adult dinos – Growth your dinosaur after feeding for a while a baby dinosaur.




Here, players can buy game items using DNA tokens. There are health potions and time potions for sale.




This is where players can manage and control their tokens. They can swap, deposit, withdraw and even stake their tokens to earn passive rewards.




There are several NFTs in the game with various purposes.

DINOSAURS are the main characters in the game. They are classified as HERBIVOROUS and CARNIVOROUS.

Both dinos come in 4 random rarities: rare, epic, legendary, and mythic. Higher rarities have more token rewards with slightly higher token consumption. They also have other attributes such as life, stamina, exploration, and attack points. They are useful in various game modes.



PLANTS. They are at the base of the food chain, food for the herbivorous dinosaurs. They produce DUP tokens.

There are 3 rarities available: rare, epic, and legendary. Higher rarities produce more tokens. Like dinosaurs NFT, they also have their attributes like life and stamina points.



FOSSILS. After dinosaurs and plants die in the game, they become fossils of the same element. Players can then blend 3 of the same fossils plus a token fee to create a new seed or egg.



LAND PLOTS. All players need a land plot to play. It determines how many dinos or plants a player can stake in the game. They start with level 1 with 3 slots and can be upgraded up to level 7 with 21 slots. Leveling land requires 1 land level 1 and previous level land plus a DNA token as a fee.



FOSSIL MOSQUITO PASS is the pass in the Dino Universe ecosystem. There are 2 of them: Amber and Silver. They work both as passes for all sales.

mosquito pass

Holders of Amber Pass will get a golden egg drop, a big health potion, a big time potion, and an evolution ground stone.

Holders of Silver Pass will get big-time potion, a big health potion, and an evolution ground stone.


AMBER TREE is a promotional NFT given to the early dino roles in discord. Holder will get priority in upcoming mosquito sales. Plus, it gives an additional 3% less on withdrawal fees in the bank section and 24 hrs mining in the farming mode.

amber tree


STICKERS. Blending 3 of these will give a promo chest. It must be 1 carnivorous sticker, 1 herbivorous sticker, and 1 plant sticker.



PROMO CHEST is the result of blending 3 stickers. The odds of getting NFT are 50% rare NFT, 35% epic NFT or 15% nothing. NFTs can either be carnivorous, herbivorous, or plant.



There are 2 types of tokens in Dino Universe:


There will be 4 in-game tokens. They have an infinite supply and can only get by playing the game.


These tokens are mainly used in various game modes, and the marketplace and can be swapped for DNA tokens.



dna tokenDNA is a tradeable token with a limited supply. It is used in almost all game processes like buying, swapping, hatching, blending, and other things. It will be listed in Alcor Exchange.

Players can get DNA tokens by swapping their in-game tokens for DNA. They used special formula where they factor the difficulty level in the computation.

There’s a total of 7,000,000 tokens where 75% are allocated for the game pool. Rest are for team and marketing with vesting periods, liquidity, and staking rewards.



As per the announcement, the game will launch the same day as the Mosquito sale, which is after the public beta testing. They scheduled the public beta testing on Nov 30 which will last for 7 days. Everyone can join and test the game, where the top 10 DNA minters will get rewards. More details can be found on game discord.

Dino Universe is whitelisted in Atomic Hub.

Details for the upcoming Mosquito sale are below:

AMBER MOSQUITO – 250 total, holders will receive a golden egg drop and starter consumable pack. The price is $14.90. Priority for 1st wave buys are holders of their NFT, Amber Tree. You can get them in Atomic Hub if you want to participate in the first wave of sales.

SILVER MOSQUITO – 300 total, holders will receive a starter consumable pack. The price is $8.90

Do join their discord for complete and updated information.




There are few details about the team and partner on the website or whitepaper. Imprint on the website listed below information:

Director: Josue Miguel Ballesteros Sanchez
Address: Calle 3 Casa Nro 01 Sector Casco Central De Lecheria Lecherias Anzoategui Zona Postal 6016, Venezuela
Email: contact@dinouniverse.io
Company Id: J411303798


For more details and updates, visit below links:

Website – https://dinouniverse.io
Discord – https://discord.gg/CdvqwANgub
Twitter – https://twitter.com/DinouniverseGO
Atomic hub collection – https://wax.atomichub.io/explorer/collection/dinouniverse
Telegram – https://t.me/dinouniversewax

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