DIGGERS WORLD is the new upcoming play to earn mining game in wax this 2nd quarter of 2022. It is a strategy based game with well thought economic model for long term success of the game. Players can choose which strategy best suits them to earn more token rewards.


Diggers World Play To Earn NFT Crypto Game

The game is set in a distant future where earth is on it’s dark times after being hit by a big asteroid. The world is in ruins, people are dying and buildings are in ruble. To survive, people went underground and started mining precious resources. These resources are iron, sulfur and diamond. The goal is to rebuild the earth using these resources. Survivors choose which tools to use to best mine resources, but each comes with a certain risk.

Mining activity is categorized into safe mine, risky mine and dangerous mine.


SAFE MINE is the most reliable method of mining. In return, you get a fixed token rewards and no worry about the safety of your tool.

RISK MINE is the average mining method but it comes with a risk. If you are lucky, you’ll get higher rewards. Your tools won’t be damaged significantly.

DANGEROUS MINE is not for the faint hearted. It can make you rich or can make you broke. Successful mining are rewarded with NFT’s. However, failure will also result in losing your tool. Think carefully before choosing this option.

To use the NFT tools in the game, you need to stake it first. Unstake if you want to remove it ingame.

Players need to have at least 1 tool to start the game. Pack sale is coming in few weeks, you can get it from there. Or you can buy in secondary market such as Atomic Hub. You can also craft tools using resources which you can buy in Alcor Exchange. You just need to deposit the tokens ingame to start crafting.


Game NFT’s

There are few game NFT’s that will be released in the game.

PICKAXES mine sulfur.
BOMBS mine iron.
JACKHAMMERS mine diamonds.


These 3 tools have rarities from common, rare and epic (except for jackhammers who don’t have common rarity.) The higher the rarity of the tool, the higher the yield in mining. Another factor that determines the yield is the mining category whether safe, risky and dangerous. The more dangerous it is, the more chance to get higher rewards but it comes with a risk as explained earlier. Each mining consumes other minerals as repair costs. For example, a pickaxe consumers iron and diamonds for repair.

MEMBERSHIPS gives added benefits to the players, though it is optional. Only for those who want to take the game to the next level and earn more rewards. There are 3 types of memberships namely STONE, GOLD and RUBY.

Stone members have additional 1 slot for tools, and lesser withdrawal fees of 0.5%. They also have skip cycles of 2.
Gold members have additional 2 slots for tools, and lesser withdrawal fees of 1%. They also have skip cycles of 4. They also have additional 0.5% bonus income rewards.
Ruby members have additional 3 slots for tools, and lesser withdrawal fees of 2%. They also have skip cycles of 12. They also have additional 2% bonus income rewards.

ACCESS TO MINE PASS or WHITELIST PASS will be given to players in discord group. Be sure to join and check requirements how to get it. Holders will get priority in upcoming sales.

PROMO NFT’s. Prior to launch, they will drop this promo NFT’s to reward early players. These are broken tools, not useable in the game. However, you can blend 3 of these broken tools to get a useable one in the game.



There are 3 game tokens: DWI, DWD and DWS. These are game rewards for all mining activities.

DWI (diggers world iron) is mine using bombs. It is also used to craft and repair tools like pickaxes and jackhammers.
DWS (diggers world sulfur) is mine using pickaxes. It is also used to craft and repair tools like bombs and jackhammers.
DWD (diggers world diamonds) is mine using jackhammers. It is also use to craft and repair tools like bombs and pickaxes.

All of these token will be listed and traded via ALCOR EXCHANGE.



The game is expected to launch this 2nd quarter of 2022. For now, the team is focused on getting it whitelisted in Atomic Hub before the main pack sale and game launch. Marketing, collaborations and partnerships are also on the way to boost the game.

In 3rd quarter after launch, they also plan to release a mobile version of the game to target mobile players. More NFT’s, game mode and marketing are also on the pipeline.



From the website, below are the details listed:

Company: Olexandr Brazhnyk Oleksiiovych
Company ID: 3760105516
Address: Shevchenka St. 166, 77 Ukraine 53213
CEO: Olexandr Brazhnyk


To know more about the game, visit DIGGERS WORLD website and join their discord group for more details.

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