Build your own city and earn from the game! This is the concept of the upcoming wax game, DEHOOT VALLEY. It’s a metaverse where your main goal is to build and raise beautiful city of your choice. Each of the game buildings NFT are designed by real architect, which makes them beautiful, aesthetic and realistic.



The game focuses on 3 steps: collect, build and earn.

COLLECT. At first, you need to collect materials to build your buildings. You can buy the cargo box when the game open presale or you can get it from secondary market like Atomic Hub.

BUILD. Once you have your materials, time of your to build buildings of your own choosing. Build whatever you thinks is best for your city. You can build houses, buildings, shops and service buildings. Each of these buildings can evolve to increase capacity and yield, by consuming ingame resources. This will allow you to grow your city as you progress on the game.

EARN. You will earn HOOT coins as you progress your city. You can then exchange it to ALCOR EXCHANGE to wax. Your income will depend on the income of your city, base on population, tourism and jobs created.


There are various resources NFT available in the game. These are rocks, cement, wood, clay, sand, iron, copper, aluminum, granite, marble and oil. They all varies in rarity from common, uncommon and rare.

You can mix and match these resources to produce new materials to be used in big buildings. However, you need a tool to do this.

There are 3 ingame tools you can use repeatedly: furnace, processor and crane. Tools can be created by combining resources NFT as well.

To build a building, you need the blueprint NFT’s. You can build from small, larger, commerce and special buildings. The simpler the construction, less NFT and less rarity of buildings you can product.

Residential buildings are the most basic in each city. This will house the population and can be upgraded along the way to cater booming city. They can be either houses or buildings.

Commercial buildings increase employment in your city. More jobs means more taxes and earnings you can collect in your city.

Services buildings increase quality of jobs for your citizens. These includes school, hospital, museums, energy, water etc. This makes your citizen more happy working.

Each player will have land NFT to start the game with.



The game uses token called HOOT. It will be tradeable in ALCOR EXCHANGE once the game launches.



Base on their roadmap, game will be launched at 3rd quarter of this year. However, the developers are active in DEHOOT DISCORD giving various buildings and whitelist details you can avail. Do check them regularly.

For the current whitelist on the upcoming cargo drop, you need to have specialist role in discord. This means owning 3 NFT buildings of the game: the hut, bank and major plaza. Blending is already over, you can purchase them via Atomic Hub.



No details of the developers in the website yet, but they are very active in social media posting and replying to queries. Join their discord. They have submitted whitelist application in Atomic Hub and just waiting for approval. They intend to have whitelisted first before doing any cargo sale.


To know more about the game, check their DEHOOT VALLEY WEBSITE.

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