DAO Farmer is an existing play to earn game currently in BSC blockchain. If you are a fan of Farmers World game, it’s almost same mechanic on this game. It’s all about farming resources and and get ingame resources for rewards.

The game story is about a “Legendary Farmer” who invests his month and all his business skills to revive farming and preserve childhood memories. He needs to work hard and succeed at all cost to be come the legendary farmer.


DAO FARMER – Play to Earn Game Metaverse

To play the game, you need to have a metamask wallet setup on your PC. To trade game tokens, you need to use PancakeSwap and trade your BNB tokens to buy game resources to start.

To start with, you need to have at least 1 NFT tools used in mining resources for tokens. There are 3 game activity areas: hunting ground, forest and gold minds.


Hunting Ground is an area of large virgin forest with various animals live. As a farmer, you can hunt foods here using your tools such as stick, bows and shotgun. These are all game NFTs which you can buy and trade via game marketplace. Hunting makes you earn meat which is also the DFM token.

Forest is a vast area rich in timber and lots of other trees. As a farmer, you need to cut down these trees to make wood. You can do this by using axe, saw and electric saw. These are game NFT’s which you can buy and trade via game marketplace. Logging makes you earn wood which is also the DFW token.

Gold Mine is a place where you can mine gold using game tools like pick and miner By doing so, you can collect gold which is also the DFG token. Mining tools are game NFT’s which can be traded via marketplace.

It takes 48 hours for the mining process to complete. Tools in operation cannot be used in other activities. Each mining task and operations reduce NFT durability which have to be repaired using game resources.




The game items are classified base on their game use to earn resources. Each of these items have varied rarities that can increase farming yield. For example in logging, there are 3 NFT tools that can be used: axe, saw and electric saw. Axe tool yields less compare to electric saw and is the most expensive on these 3 tools. It’s like primitive and advance tool.

As mentioned, all these items are game NFT’s which can be traded via game marketplace.



There are 4 game tokens: $DAOF, $DFM, $DFW and $DFG.

DAOF (DAO Farmer) is the governance and main game token with total supply of 100 million.
DFM (DAO Farmer Meat) is one of the game token that can be produce by farmers doing hunting. It is also use to recover one’s energy.
DFW (DAO Farmer Wood) is one of the game token that can be produce by farmers doing logging.
DFG (DAO Farmer Gold) is one of the game token that can be produce by farmers doing mining. It is also use to recover tools durability.

$DFM: 0x5645e089AAbbda1Aa3FEe7C56208013cFeFd1850
$DFW: 0x4e52D1dCE54AB9D3C1798673B9cF1947E6660A3e
$DFG: 0xdae7a4aacbBCaf13E9A101A2bF376Fcb3931aD27
$DAOF: 0xfeB37569f06D7D06fcAd51b7992f492b072DD3a3
DAO Vault: 0xaCbF689834fa61E3206f37739f91F3FD4faE6e59



The game is already LIVE in binance network. You can visit their website and create account to play. They aim to user multi chain for the game. On 3rd quarter of this year, they plan to launch in Solana network. On 4th quarter, launch in WAX network. And next year, they plan to launch in Polygon network.

Do check the game ROADMAP for more details.



There are no details about the team on the website. They only posted that the team is composed of professional game studios and veterans of blockchain with more than 10 years of combined experience.


To know more about the game, visit DAO FARMER website.

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