CYBER CITY game is the new era of NFT crypto play to earn. It is an open economy with tradeable NFT assets. The game promise to deliver high quality gaming experience with sustainable token that players can earn passively.


CYBER CITY NFT Play to Earn Gameplay

The game is set in a not so distant future, in a city called CYBER CITY. Corporations run the world and they dominates the market. They control all the resources, making all the inhabitants in dire existence.

There are 5 game activities in the game: farm, forge, fight, participate and develop.

Farm. Players can farm resources to build up their strength.
Forge. They can develop strong ties to their communities and neighbours.
Fight. Players need to fight for their survival.
Participate. There are underground races players can participate and change to win resources.
Develop. Players can upgrade their city to make it better.

The game is designed to be play to earn. Players can level up their characters, defend and fight for their land, join PVP and battle, unite guilds and alliances and craft/mint new characters and equipment that they can keep or sell.



There are more than 10,000 unique characters and city blocks in the game. Game characters and land pieces are basic items in the game. These NFT’s will create income to the players. All these are tradeable assets.

Here’s the 10 CYBER CITY game characters and their companions:

CYBER SAMURAI They are fearless warriors who are ready to defend their masters. Read to die if needed.They have a loyal companion, an ARMORED SHIBA. Their primary weapon is KATANA.

HAGE They use magic as their main power, fueled by lost souls. They are dangerous as enemies. They have a companion, CYBER SPIRIT. Their primary weapon is LAPTOME.

TECH PRIEST They are the gear in the construction and plans of the cult. They are great researcher and devoted to continue existing. TECH STAFF is their main weapon. Their game companion is MECHTOPUS. Designed after a marine animal, they are weaponized cute but deadly.

SHAPESHIFTER They can become anyone. They are terrifying and can wreak havoc in the battlefield. They have a companion called NYANKO, a character from a popular anime. Shapeshifters main weapon is CYBER RODPOWER GAUNTLETS, a shiny piece of metal that can decimate their adversaries.

VAMPIRE Literal at is it, but more modern. They feed on digitized soul aside from blood. They don’t have fear in holy water, garlic, cross or anything. Vampire exist with their companion CYBER BAT, who helps their master terrorize the population. Their main weapon is SWORD and PISTOL.

STREET FIGHTER Their only goal is to survive. And to do that, they need to have strength to fight their opponents. They have all the techniques in street fighting. Their compantion is a STRAY CAT, cute and domesticated. Street fighters use power gauntlets as their weapon.

MERCENARIES They make money out of bloodshed. They don’t have loyalty, they are willing to do anything for money. They have all the weapons at their disposal, though their main weapon is a heavy assault rifle. Their companion is IAPETUS, a flying war machine powered by artificial inteligence.

BUCCANEERS They enjoy life, fight and survive to get profit. They live an easy go lucky way of living. They have a companion CLOCKWORK PARROT, a smarter version of the birds. Buccaneers main weapon is GAUS MUSKET, a very heavy assault rifle.

PALADINS Internet and machine combination, they live and battle to survive. Their companion is MECHANGEL, a flying creature but not the cute angel. Paladins main weapons are their POWER SWORD and WALLSHIELD.

SCAVENGERS As the name suggested, they collect, search and scavenge to survive. They strive hard to get by and do anything just to survive. They have a companion MULTIPURPOSE DRONE, a simple tech built from trash. Their main weapon is a MULTIPURPOSE RIFLE STAFF.



The game will use CYBR token. It’s the only ingame resource token. Players can earn it by playing and other game activities. The token also burns as they are spent in the game. There are total 300 million supply and 10% will be pre minted.



The game is set to launch beta version this JULY 2022. Everything is on track, having APRIL as one of their highlighted months in the roadmap as they will unbox their NFT’s and CYBR tokens public sale altogether. See below for their roadmap.



The game co founders are Alexander Kents and Vladimir Nikitin. Both are very qualified and have necessary skills to make this game a success.

CEO is Denis Denisov, with more than 3 years in crypto. In charge of creative on the other hand is Andrew Nesterenko.

There is no mention where the company is based. However, their co-founders are from Russia and Estonia. Their CEO on the other hand is from Russia. Most likely they are Russian based company.


To know more about the game, visit their CYBER CITY game website.

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